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Making calls with Google Home: Is it possible?

Google Home is the smart assistant from the Google company. With Google Home, you can also make phone calls: You can say the name of a contact and then call them. Telephony with the Google Home is now also possible in Germany.

Making phone calls with Google Home - This is how it could work

To make phone calls with theGoogle Home, you fall back on the possibilities of Internet telephony and do not need a landline or smartphone. This affects the display on the recipient's phone - instead of your landline or cell phone number, only the placeholder "Unknown" is displayed there. Nevertheless, the call setup works perfectly - at least if your WLAN connection allows it.

How to start a call

If the telephony function is not yet activated on your Google Home, it is necessary to do this in the Google Home app on the smartphone. To do this, navigate to "Settings" > "Voice and Video Calls" and activate the function.
  1. To command a call, you are flexible in the wording of the appropriate command. The easiest are calls to contacts stored in your phonebook. Then a simple "Ok Google, call [contact name]."
  2. You can also specify a phone number instead of a contact. At the same time, it is possible to call a company whose number is stored on Google Maps.
  3. And Google can do even more: based on your voice, the assistance system recognizes who is currently talking to it. Accordingly, it can respond when you, for example, pronounce the command to call "Mom". By means of the stored information about your person, your mother is then actually contacted by phone, even if no corresponding contact is stored.

By Judus Zumalt

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