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Pokémon GO: Get special candies

Special candies are very rare in Pokémon GO. Unlike other items, you can't buy them in the Pokémon Shop, but only get them by successfully completing raids and field research. You can find out exactly how this works and what benefits special candies have here.

How to get special candies for your Pokémons in Pokémon GO

Special candies are among the rare items in Pokémon GO that you can only get in the game by participating in raids or field explorations. Completing field explorations is particularly challenging in Pokémon GO, but is rewarded with up to three special candies.
  1. To get special candies through raids, it is recommended that you participate in as many raids as possible. If you have a raid pass, you are allowed to participate in raids more often, increasing your chance of receiving special candies.
  2. Depending on how difficult the raids are, you can receive between one and five special candies for successfully participating in a raid. The difficulty level is based on the particular raid boss.
  3. Please note that there are other rewards for raid battles besides special candies. Since the reward is randomly selected, it can happen that instead of a special candy you get the "Golden Himmihbeere", the "Instant TM" or the "Lace-TM".

This effect has special candies in Pokémon GO

Giving a Pokémon a special candy that you have previously received, this leads in Pokémon GO to the candy becoming the specific candy of the Pokémon. The effect that special candy has in Pokémon GO is different from the effect in other versions of Pokémon, where giving special candy results in the Pokémon's level being increased by one.

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