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How do I connect my laptop to my phone?

If you want to share files such as photos or documents more easily between your laptop and phone, it is recommended that you connect the devices. This works through the settings of your Windows laptop and requires installing additional software on your smartphone.

How to connect your laptop to Android phone

If you own a laptop with Windows 10 as the operating system, you have the option to link your phone to the device. This allows you to share files, photos or web pages between your phone and laptop without having to do extra synchronization.
  1. If you want to connect your Android phone with the laptop, please first open the system settings of the laptop.
  2. In them, then navigate to "Phone" > "Your Phone" and click "Add Mobile Phone".
  3. Thereupon a new window opens, in which you please enter your phone number and click "Send".
  4. You will now receive an SMS with a download link for the Microsoft Launcher, which you must install on your smartphone to complete the link between laptop and cell phone.

Connect laptop with cell phone: This is the procedure for iPhone

If your cell phone is an iPhone, you can also connect it to the laptop. To do this, enter the number of your iPhone under "System Settings" > "Your Mobile Phone" > "Add Mobile Phone" to receive a download code for Microsoft Edge via SMS. Afterwards, please install the browser on your iPhone and log in with the same Microsoft account on both the laptop and the iPhone.

By Fabien Nasir

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