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Connecting laptop to TV - it's that easy

For many applications, the screen of your laptop is simply too small. However, the solution to this is not to buy a larger laptop, but simply to transfer the image to your TV. You don't need any expertise to do this, and all you need to do is connect a single cable.

Connect laptop to TV: An HDMI cable is a must

HDMI cables have been standard for a number of years when it comes to transmitting sound and images in the home. To be able to connect your laptop to the TV, you need such a cable.
  1. Now find the port on your laptop where the HDMI cable can be plugged in.
  2. The other end you connect to the same port on the TV.
  3. In some cases, you need a mini HDMI port on one end.
  4. Once both are connected, turn on the TV and set as a source the HDMI port you are currently using. This is usually done via the "Source" button.
  5. On the laptop, now switch to your display settings.
  6. Scroll until you get to a dropdown menu from which you select "Duplicate this display".
  7. For some use cases, it's also worth using the Display on 2 only settings.
  8. In this case, the display on your laptop will be terminated and can only be seen on the TV.

By Vasyuta

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