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LS 19: Remove weeds - everything you need to know

Nature doesn't always grow as planned and sometimes it even brings out unwanted guests. Farming Simulator 19 follows this principle. That's why we explain how you can remove weeds.

Weeds are real spoilsports and that's why they need to be removed.

If you don't remove weeds, you will have to accept significant losses in your harvest. Therefore, professional removal is part of the normal daily routine.

LS 19: How to remove weeds

Weeds grow once per cycle in their fields. How you remove them depends on the timing:
  • If you wipe the weeds at the same growth stage they appeared, you can remove them with a harrow. This mechanical method is the preferred option, because the harrow does not consume material - it is convenient and saves money.
  • If you remove the weeds just before harvest, the harrow will not work. Then chemistry is necessary. You can buy these in the store under "pallets" as "pesticide tank" and need a suitable device to spray the agent.
Should you have missed the first weed phase, it is still worthwhile to use the chemical method, because the losses in the harvest (up to 35 percent) would otherwise be much greater than the effort to remove.

By Greenman Margot

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