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Windows Phone Android: What you need to know

On a Windows Phone you have a suitable operating system from Microsoft already preinstalled. How you can transfer your data from such a device to a smartphone with Android and whether Android can be installed on a Windows Phone, you will learn in this short guide.

Use data from Windows Phone on Android device

For some time already, Windows Phones are no longer produced or supported by Windows. Therefore, if you want to install another operating system, then there is no legal way to install another system like Android on a Windows Phone, however. For this reason, it is worth switching directly to another device.If you want to transfer data from your Windows Phone to an Android device, you can do this using a Google account.
  1. First, you need to set up a Microsoft account on your Android end device. To do this, use the credentials to your account that you used on your previous Windows Phone. This will allow you to view the contacts and calendar entries stored there and transfer them to your smartphone with Android operating system.
  2. To transfer your pictures, videos and other content to the new device, it is a good idea to use the Google Drive app.
  3. If this is not an option for you, then connect your Windows Phone to the PC first. Transfer all the files. Nun können Sie diese von Ihrem Computer aus auf dem Android-Gerät abspeichern. Schließen Sie hierfür Ihr neues Smartphone über ein USB-Kabel an den PC an.

By Nancey Coile

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