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FIFA 20: Switch version explained - what you should know

FIFA has now arrived on the Switch. FIFA 20 will also be released for the Nintendo console. However, the Switch version is different from the other platforms and we explain what it's all about.

FIFA 19 in a new guise: FIFA 20 will appear on the Switch as a so-called Legacy Edition.

For a long time, the Switch was not considered a platform for games like FIFA. That has now changed, but there are still special features.

FIFA 20: Switch version only a legacy version

FIFA 20 for the Switch does not fully deliver what the name promises. Namely, it is a Legacy Edition. That means:
  • Only the databases get an upgrade to the new season.
  • Game modes and gameplay, however, correspond to FIFA 19. New features such as VOLTA and the many innovations in player control and AI are thus not included.
  • After all, the Switch version costs 20 euros less for it.
For FIFA fans on the Switch, the purchase could still be worthwhile, because the popular FUT mode is of course included again. And since many players will switch to FIFA 20, the larger part of the online community will be active there. On the other hand, those who don't play online much and don't necessarily need the 2019/20 database will still be well served with FIFA 19.

By Haff

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