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Foodly: Delivery area at a glance - here's how it is

Foodly is gaining popularity and as a result, the question of delivery areas is also being asked more and more frequently. Our guide provides an overview and helps you find out if you too can order from Foodly.

Equality: Foodly delivers to both large and smaller cities.

Foodly's delivery area includes more and more metropolitan areas. In addition, it delivers to many smaller cities.

Foodly: A growing delivery area

Foodly launched in the metropolitan areas of Munich and Berlin. After the successful start, the radius of action was quickly expanded:
  • At the beginning of 2021, the delivery area of Foodly includes nine major cities and 27 district towns.
  • Among the large cities, for example, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Bonn and Leipzig were added.
  • A total of 533 postal code areas are supplied.
The chances that you live in the delivery area of Foodly are thus by no means small. In fact, as the service continues to grow, they will become even greater; given the trend toward delivery services, that's quite likely.You can find out in the app by simply checking availability for your location.

By Chicky Knier

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