Instagram: 2-factor authentication will pass by WhatsApp

According to a developer in the code of Instagram there are traces of an important novelty for account security: the possibility of receiving the 2-factor authentication code on WhatsApp.

Instagram would be working on a new implementation related to security. In particular, the novelty would concern the methods of 2-factor authentication that, for the social network dedicated to visual communication, could pass for another application belonging to the same family.

According to the developer Alessandro Paluzzi, the projects of the platform for the 2FA authentication could therefore no longer pass only for the most beaten paths but also for another popular app of the Facebook group, namely WhatsApp. In fact, in a comment spread through its Twitter profile, the developer has pointed out that, in addition to taking advantage of sending the code via sms, Instagram would aim to share this information using the instant messaging system, likely providing the user with a sort of alternative between the two methodologies counting on the fact that WhatsApp has over 2 billion users, and that virtually all those who use Instagram also use WhatsApp.

Instagram, why 2-factor authentication is more secure

With two-factor authentication, the level of security is undoubtedly higher than with simple authentication. In case a hacker were to succeed in intercepting the password, he would also have to center the key sent on the secondary communication channel, making the operations much more complex and articulated to put in place if the hacker doesn't have physical access to the victim's phone.

If WhatsApp represents a possible way forward of an almost universal kind, given the capillarity of the diffusion on the entire world territory, the need to have a working network connection to access communications could represent a very strong limitation. The subscriber, who in a specific moment would not have the opportunity to connect due to connection problems or lack of coverage, would inevitably remain excluded from the process, without the possibility to continue further.

Obviously, the speech is valid for those who have already installed and use the well-known app daily. For all others, the way of the canonical SMS text message would be the only way to be able to dodge the installation of additional software on the smartphone to enter the social of photos or perform certain actions that require this methodology to be completed.

Instagram, when will come the authentication 2FA

To date, Instagram has not yet provided any clarification on the timing of release of the new feature. As a result, to see active and usable two-factor authentication via WhatsApp we may have to wait some time, at least until the end of the tests that, for Paluzzi, would be currently in place.