Instagram changes the profile: here’s how it looks

Instagram has updated its algorithms to create a more appealing profile for users with more space for our description, here's how it will look

Instagram is changing the interface of the Profile section of its app. The famous social networking platform is performing a new look change to make our personal page even more appealing. Here's how the new Instagram profiles will look like.

The graphic change was designed by Instagram to give greater prominence to the section dedicated to each individual user. From a simple collector of photos posted over time, the profile will become a very personal and customizable space.

The changes will take place randomly from user to user and not everyone will immediately receive the new interface of the Profile. Over the course of a few weeks however we will all be using the new Instagram Profiles. If we are true fans of the social media for photos and we want to be among the first to have these more personal profiles, we must remember to update the Instagram application from the App Store if we have an iPhone or from Google Play Store if we have an Android.

How are the new Instagram profiles

As mentioned, the purpose of the new Instagram profiles is to make the section dedicated to us on the social media as personal as possible. For this reason, the space of the name, biography and profile photo has been enlarged compared to the past. Our username will now appear on the left with the photo moved to the right and enlarged compared to the old graphics. Under our description we will find two buttons, Follow and Send Message. In this way, follow a user or write to him in direct message will be much more immediate than in the recent past on the platform.

The photos and videos published will not change in their disposition, above all the published content we will find the usual division by categories, now slightly more visible, to browse the various movies or shots posted by us, on which we have been tagged, or to see the history of videos that we have posted on IGTV. Before the photos and videos uploaded, as already happened months ago with a previous update of the profile, we will find the Stories saved on the profile, those then visible to all even after 24 hours have passed since the time of first publication.