Instagram Stories, soon it will be possible to share them via links

Instagram is testing new features that allow you to share on other applications the Stories published. Here's how it works

New features in sight for Instagram users. Developers are testing new features to make the application even more "social". Insider Jane Manchun Wong, always well informed about Instagram news, has published an image showing a new feature of the app: the sharing of Instagram Stories outside the social network.

This is a big news for the application. Until now, users only had the ability to send via Direct (Instagram's internal messaging platform) the Stories posted by people they follow. With this new feature, the ways of sharing Instagram Stories are expanded. For example, you will be able to send the Story posted by an influecer to your friend who is not subscribed to Instagram. In addition to the ability to instantly share the photo, users will also have the ability to copy the link of the Instagram Story to publish it on any other platform. For the moment, the feature is still in the testing phase, but it is not excluded that in the coming weeks it will be officially released.

Instagram Stories become social

Blogger Jane Manchun Wong has published on its social channels a screenshot showing two new "buttons" within the menu of Stories: "Share Link..." and "Copy Link". These are two tools that will allow users to share Instagram Stories on other platforms, such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. So far, the only option offered by the app is to share images via Direct.

This new feature is another step towards integrating Facebook-owned social and messaging apps into a single platform. Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the goal will be to integrate WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram services into a single platform. And this new feature is an example of what the future will look like.