iPhone 12 will have two big limits on 5G network

The new iPhone series supports 5G connectivity, but network usage will have two big limits for the iPhone 12: here are what they are

Pre-orders for the new iPhone 12 series models have been record-breaking, but information coming from Apple's smartphone certifications brings up new limits on alcui. If the batteries are of lower capacity than those of the iPhone 11, even the much acclaimed 5G connectivity has two major limitations.

The first news to raise doubts about the new iPhone 12 concerns the size of the batteries, which despite having lower amperages than the predecessor iPhone 11 would still provide a better battery life thanks to the efficiency of the new chip A14 Bionic with Neural Engine. The boom in pre-orders for iPhone 12 is also due to another feature: support for the 5G connectivity standard. A feature appreciated especially in China, where the 5G network is already widely developed, but this technology would have some limits that could compromise the performance of non-Pro smartphones.

iPhone 12 and 5G network: the limits

The certifications appeared on the Internet for the new iPhone 12 are revealing all the features of Apple's smartphones and in particular, those on the 5G connectivity standard, one of the most awaited aspects by users. Anatel, the agency in Brazil that certifies smartphones and is the equivalent of the U.S. FCC, however, has indicated some limitations in the use of the 5G network for non-Pro models of the new smartphone series.

The iPhone 12 supports 4G and 5G sub-6 network standards, but not millimeter waves (mmWave), which promise much faster download speeds. Only iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max in addition to 5G sub-6 also support millimeter waves. Also, it seems that the 5G network functionality is automatically disabled when using the smartphone in dual SIM mode. These are the two major limitations in using 5G network with iPhone 12.

iPhone 12, battery sizes

For the battery of iPhone 12 Mini we talk about just 2227 mAh, while iPhone 12 and the Pro come with 2815 mAh battery and the Pro Max version 3687 mAh. These are lower amperages than the corresponding iPhone 11 predecessors, which were instead equipped with 3110 mAh batteries, 3190 mAh for the Pro version and 3969 mAh for the Pro Max. Despite the fact that they are smaller in size, the use of Apple's latest-generation chip, the A14 Bionic with Neural Engine, would ensure the smartphones are optimized for durability and good battery life.

According to the certification, iPhone 12 mini would have a battery life of about 15 hours of video playback, compared to 13 hours for iPhone SE 2020. As for iPhone 12 and Pro, the autonomy for video playback is 17 hours, equal to that of the iPhone 11 despite the battery of lower amperage. No indiscretions, however, there is still on the autonomy of iPhone 12 Pro Max.

iPhone 12, will also be assembled in Brazil

The certification body Anatel not only provides the technical specifications of the new iPhone 12, but also reveals that the models will be assembled in Brazil, at least those intended for the American market. The documentation shows that at least the iPhone 12 Prosarà will be assembled by the Foxconn company based in Brazil, in addition to factories in India and China.