iPhone 8 and iPhone 7S specifications, news emerge thanks to a report

Apple is organizing the launch of the iPhone 8, also studying the moves of the enemies: Galaxy S8 and LG G6. Anticipation also rises for the new iPhone 7s

New rumors reported by the specialized site on Apple devices iDrop News provide us with more details about the upcoming iPhone 8. The design is one of the most interesting aspects and it is very likely that the shape of the next Cupertino's smartphone will be very similar to that thought by Samsung for the Galaxy S8.

According to iDrop News the design without the physical button and with curved edges will give an innovative look to the iPhone 8 compared to its predecessors. A twist that many, however, has reminded, and not a little, the shape designed by Samsung for the new Galaxy S8. And not only that, because in addition to the absence of the bezels the rounded corners are a clear reference to several Android smartphones. On all the latest LG G6. Of course this is for the moment only an indiscretion, but it is very likely that the design of the next iPhone is totally different from those seen so far. A forced choice also to give greater prominence to the screen.

iPhone Edition

As already mentioned in recent weeks it is likely that iPhone 8 will be released on the market with the wording Edition rather than with the number 8. Apple uses this wording to indicate its most important devices, as already happened with Apple Watch Edition. A key difference for iPhone 8 compared to its Android competitors could be the dual rear camera setup. According to iDrop News it will be inserted vertically rather than horizontally. This is likely to serve, at least in theory, to help depth perception when using the device with an augmented reality system or VR headset. Finally, new rumors talk about a Home button brought to the back of the device rather than under the screen. This would be an upheaval for habitual Apple users. Change that Cupertino could remedy, in some actions, thanks to iris scanning. This is also a feature already seen on the Galaxy S8.

Shell and screen

staying on the subject of design and materials, according to iDrop News, iPhone 8 will not be coated in either glass or ceramic, but a traditional metal frame. While the 5.8-inch OLED screen won't be entirely curved, unlike Samsung's devices. Certainly the screen, as well as the quality rear camera and with facial recognition in 3D (in the front one) will have to break into the hearts of consumers right away. Also because the device will cost about a thousand euros and the design does not seem so innovative to push Android users to change device.

Other models and iPhone 7s

According to the latest rumors, contrary to what we could expect, Apple in addition to the 5.8-inch model could also make the classic iPhone smaller, or 5.5 and 4.7. While there are new rumors also for iPhone 7s. This will have wireless charging, as well as for iPhone 8, and a glass back cover. In addition, the photo department will be improved. Higher quality in the rear camera and 3D technology in the front one.