Keeper, the app to retrieve passwords even after death

Available for both Android and iOS, Keeper is a password manager that allows you to designate an heir to whom you can send your personal data, including photos and videos

Although it may seem a tad macabre and ominous, while you're alive you also need to think about who you'll leave your assets to once you're gone. Among the assets there are also the numerous data contained in the accounts and on the various social profiles. In this case we talk about digital will.

It is advisable, in fact, to put the "things in order" well in advance. Have you ever wondered what will happen after your death to the information in your email inbox or on Facebook? Mark Zuckerberg's platform, for example, allows you to "nominate" a person, among those present in the circle of friends, to whom to entrust the profile. Or you can delete the account on the day of our departure. And similarly Google and other online service providers. But deleting data is not the only option: there are some contents, think for example of photos and videos saved on different devices, that we would like to end up, in case of a tragic event, in the hands of friends and relatives. Who should know the access credentials. How to do it?

A very useful method is to use Keeper, a password manager that allows family members to recover passwords (and more) of a deceased person.

How Keeper works

Keeper is essentially, as mentioned, a password manager. There are many, and very good ones. But what are they used for? We could define them as a sort of virtual "treasure chest" in which you can insert your personal data. Password managers, in fact, mainly generate and store in one place several passwords. And in total security. They also have the advantage of being very practical, since there is no need to remember multiple login credentials. Everything is contained in the digital "chest". Keeper, however, offers different features. For example, it also allows you to save sensitive images and videos.

Keeper ensures a high level of security with AES-256 and PBKDF2 encryption. It also supports a fingerprint sensor. The most important feature, however, is another.

Keeper allows you to designate an heir

Turning to the fate of our data after death, Keeper allows, in fact, to designate an heir. That is, a person with whom to share everything stored in the password manager. In this way, in case of sudden death, our loved ones will be able to access devices. And maybe find some comfort by "browsing" our memories.

Keeper is available for both Android and iOS.