Dr. Death, the new series starring Joshua Jackson on offer on Starz

Joshua Jackson stars as Dr Death, the new series on offer on Starz that tells the true story of neurosurgeon and murderer Christopher Duntsch

An 8-episode mini-series will tell the true story of Dr. Christopher Duntsch, nicknamed Dr Death for maiming his patients and causing their deaths in two cases. Actor Joshua Jackson stars as Dr. Death.

The television series is based on the network's popular podcast Wondery about the brilliant young neurosurgeon, who turned out to be a sociopath. A true story that episode after episode reconstructs Dr Death's personality and the investigation that led to his arrest. To scan the plot is showrunner Patrick Macmanus, joined by directors Maggie Kiley, Jennifer Morrison and So Yong Kim who directed an exceptional cast: in addition to Jackson, appear actors Christian Slater and Alec Baldwin, who play respectively Robert Henderson and Randall Kirby, the doctors who unmasked the colleague. Dr Death is available to stream on Starzplay, the paid channel featured on Amazon's Prime Video.

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Dr Death: what the series is about

Dr Death is the 8-episode television series that tells the terrifying story of Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a bright young neurosurgeon in the Dallas, Texas medical community. Duntsch, played by Joshua Jackson, goes about his life quietly, but suddenly his patients begin to experience problems. Some in his operating room end up with permanent injuries, while two others die under the knife.

The growing number of fatalities makes two medical colleagues, neurosurgeon Robert Henderson played by Alec Baldwin, and vascular surgeon Randall Kirby (Christian Slater), suspicious. The two doctors turn to Assistant District Attorney Michelle Shughart (AnnaSophia Robb) and investigate until they piece together the truth. Duntsch believes himself to be a God and intentionally maimed or killed his patients. For the 33 verified victims of professional negligence, Dr. Death is sentenced to life in prison in 2017.

The series focuses on the figure of the neurosurgeon, who turns out to be a sociopath and a mediocre surgeon, but able to convince and persuade everyone of his abilities, and especially on the responsibility of the health system, which kept silent about what was happening, leaving the doctor to operate for 10 years despite suspicions of his negligence

Dr Death: how to watch the series streaming

The TV series Dr Death has arrived streaming in Italy on the pay channel Starzplay starting September 12, and is available on the Prime Video platform.

For all Amazon Prime subscribers, there is an offer not to be missed: for those who subscribe to Starzplay by October 6, 2021, the cost is €1.99 per month for the first six months. At the end of the term, the subscription is renewed at the standard price of 4.99 euros per month.

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