Mokase, and the iPhone will finally make coffee too

This is a new cover, made by an Italian company, that allows the smartphone to make coffee, at the moment it is being launched on Kickstarter

Often those who buy an iPhone hear themselves say in a joking way: "Yes nice, but does it also make coffee?". From today you can silence the sympathy of friends and family because thanks to a new cover your Apple smartphone will really make coffee.

This is not the first device ever able to make coffee, we had already seen an alarm clock that can prepare the beloved drink of the Italians. Certainly, however, in the world of smartphones is a novelty. The cover in question is called Mokase, and is made by an Italian company. The procedure for preparing a coffee is really simple: insert the pod in the space provided in the cover, then go to the app and start the process, in a short time we will be ready to enjoy a cup of hot coffee. In this way we can brag to our friends that we have a smartphone that also makes coffee.

How Mokase works

The Mokase project will be launched on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform. The cover also has a Facebook page where you can find out all the news about the project and the smallest details. Attention despite what you might think the cover is not too bulky and will not undermine the usability of your smartphone. Compared to a classic cover is thicker but, as you can see in the video presentation, the phone will stay comfortably in your pocket. To know the price and the shipping date, you'll have to wait a few more days: from May 3 Mokase will start its campaign on Kickstarter.

The video in the opening is taken from Facebook

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