The smart travel coffee machine to use even abroad

For coffee lovers, a trip abroad, camping or in the nature can be a drama and that's why they invented this portable battery operated espresso machine.

It is well known that Italians love coffee. This is confirmed by the huge number of coffee bars in every corner of the country and the great success of pod and capsule machines in recent years. Italians, however, do not like the coffee they make abroad: there is no vacation outside Italy that does not leave with a bad coffee as soon as you land at your destination.

This is why thousands of Italians have flocked to Amazon to buy the portable coffee machine by Conqueco, a small device easily transportable and simple to use that solves the problem of coffee abroad, but not only: it is a battery operated device, so we can use it at the beach, in the mountains, camping or anywhere else where there is no electrical outlet. The portable coffee machine by Conqueco is designed to work with capsules (original or compatible) of Nespresso or Starbucks (even ginseng coffee and the like, as long as the capsule is the correct size). Here's how it works.

Conqueco Coffee Machine: how it works

The operation of Conqueco's portable coffee machine is absolutely intuitive. The device looks like a compact cylinder, very similar to a thermos: in the upper part you insert the water, in the lower part you insert the coffee capsule.

In the middle there is the lithium-ion battery door, three LEDs indicating operation and a single power and start button.

After loading the water and the capsule just press the button: if the inserted water is already hot the coffee will take a few seconds to come out, otherwise the device will take a few minutes to heat it up (it has an internal thermostat in the tank). We will be able to drop the coffee directly into the small glass that acts as a lower cap, or into a cup.

The really convenient thing about Conqueco's coffee machine is that it can run on battery, connected to the wall electrical outlet or even in the car, thanks to the 12V cigarette lighter socket included in the package. It is, therefore, the ideal travel device for coffee lovers.

Conqueco Coffee Machine: how much does it cost

The portable coffee machine from Conqueco is a good quality product, sturdy and does what it promises: coffee anywhere in the world, even without electricity.

The price of this device is consonant with the features and quality of materials: on Amazon is on sale at 110 euros and is Amazon's Choice among portable coffee machines, with over 2000 reviews, mostly positive and verified.

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