Tax return: how to do it online

Do you want to send your 730 or Income Form to the Internal Revenue Service? The deadlines are now close. Find out what they are and how to avoid penalties

As every year, taxpayers are required to make the tax return and send it to the Internal Revenue Service. In addition to being able to turn to institutions and authorized professionals, citizens can send the tax return online by taking advantage of the 730 precompiled available on the site of the Revenue Agency.

Since April 15, pensioners and employees can consult and modify online their 730, integrating other expenses and documents not present. Instead, those who must send the model Income precompiled, can modify and integrate it to send it to the Revenue Agency. The alternative is to request the normal declaration at a Caf or other qualified bodies. Online access to the pre-compiled tax return 2019 can be made starting Monday, April 15 on the site created by the Revenue Agency. There are then specific deadlines to be met to avoid penalties.

Declaration of Income 2019: online procedure

In the site prepared by the Revenue Agency you can access your own pre-compiled declaration related to 2018 income, as well as discover new functions. Among these, the most important one is the assisted compilation. To make the tax return online you need to click the button on the Home Page in the upper right corner, which bears the words "Access your precompilata".  To begin, you need to access by writing your SPID credentials or through the credentials of Fisconline or the PIN of Inps. In addition, parents or guardians of a minor can submit their declaration. On the web page there are links to access the service through the different channels. If you do not have certain credentials, you must request them from INPS (in the case of the PIN) or from the Revenue Agency. Once you have entered the credentials you can view your precompiled declaration.

Online procedure to modify the 730 precompiled online

As far as the 730 precompiled is concerned, from April 15th to May 2nd it is only possible to consult it, then it can be modified or integrated. However, the procedure must be carried out by July 23rd.

To modify the document, it is necessary to access the section "Modify the 730 and send" and then access the section "Framework E - assisted compilation". In this field you can edit each pre-filled expense item, eliminating or adding any expenditures. Inserting a new deductible or deductible expense is really easy, just click on "Add new expense" and write the amount and the type of expense. Every data entered must be confirmed by checking the notice "I confirm that I have read all the entries in all the sections" and then clicking the "Save" button. In the same section it is also possible to visualize and modify the expenses of one's own dependent family members. To do this, go to "Declarant and family members", select the relative tax code and modify the expenses. Also in this case it is necessary to confirm each modification. After confirming all the data, the system recalculates deductible and deductible obligations, and inserts them in section E of the 730. After verifying all the data, you have to select the "Print and Send" button. With this operation, the online tax return is sent to the Inland Revenue.

Tax return deadlines 2019

As for the Precompiled Income Form, the deadlines are as follows: from April 15 to May 2, it is only possible to consult it; from May 2 to May 10, it is possible to make any changes; and finally from May 10 to September 30, it can be sent to the Inland Revenue. The instructions to modify and send it are more complex, given the many boxes to be considered, but they have been clearly communicated on the official website.