The best gaming mousepads to buy

Mousepads are gaming mats of various sizes, which can improve gaming performance and organize the workstation. Here are the best.

One of the most underrated gaming accessories is definitely the mouse and keyboard pad, an essential element to ensure proper performance and comfortable gaming. The performance of the pointer, in fact, is closely related to the support surface, so it is important to allocate an adequate budget to buy a good quality mouse pad, in this way the tracking will be precise and responsive in any game conditions. Let's see which are the best gaming mousepads, with a selection of the most popular models for each price range and size, from classic products to those size XL extralarge.

Best gaming mousepads

On the market there are different types of gaming mousepads, with models in hard or soft fabric, with compact or more generous sizes, up to those equipped with RGB lighting for a truly impressive effect. Here are the best gaming mousepads to buy, from the cheapest to the most exclusive.

Inphic 3070

An excellent gaming mousepad is this model proposed by Inphic, a rather inexpensive product with XL 700×300 mm size, thickness of 3 mm and Reach and ROHS certification. The mousepad features a waterproof and durable textile surface, with coating optimized for any type of sensor, edges with wire texture and non-slip bottom for maximum grip. Weighing just 370 grams and machine-washable at 40 degrees, it features an anti-deformation internal texture and offers a soft feel. Buy it here on Amazon.

Aukey KM-P1

One of the best budget gaming mousepads is the Aukey KM-P1 (you can find it on Amazon), a mousepad available in small, L and XL sizes with stitched edges to ensure maximum resistance against scuffing. The base is covered with a non-slip rubber, while the cover is fabric and water-resistant to ensure smooth and controlled movement of the gaming mouse. The design is sleek and modern black color, really easy to match and wash quickly and easily, with Aukey logo at the bottom and design that can support even the most demanding gaming sessions.

Anpollo ER-94

Among the most original gaming mousepads there is definitely the Anpollo ER-94, a mat with outstanding graphics that reproduces the map of the world. Of course, this is not the only option, in fact in the range there are other original and eye-catching graphics, such as the snake with a sword, the volcanic crater and the fiery skull, for a catalog all to discover (it is available on Amazon). In particular, this model is ROHS certified and made with environmentally friendly materials, without the use of toxic substances and harmful to health or the environment, with an extra-large size that allows you to cover both the mouse and keyboard.


A really special mousepad is the mat proposed by RuoCherg, a large surface to be used for the mouse and keyboard, optimizing the entire gaming station. This is an XXL model with dimensions 780×400 mm, equipped with RGB LED lighting to make the appearance even more impressive during the game. This model allows you to set 7 different effects of static brightness and 3 dynamic modes, with ultra durable fiber material and rugged waterproof structure. Power is via USB cable without any installation, with non-slip base and surface that ensures optimal operation of the mouse sensor. Buy it on Amazon here.

HP Gaming Omen 300

A high-quality gaming mousepad is the HP Omen 300, an extra-large mat with 900×400 mm dimensions and a thickness of 4 mm, capable of supporting both mouse and keyboard (it is available on Amazon). The Omen 300 features a modern and attractive design, with a non-slip surface that's perfect for optimizing gaming performance, with a structure that supports even mice set with a reduced sensitivity. The base is made of rubber, while the coating is tested for long term durability, with a specific design for maximum precision and excellent responsiveness of the gaming pointer sensor.

Logitech G440

The best mousepad for gaming is undoubtedly the Logitech G440, a mousepad designed specifically to provide high gaming performance and perfect control in every situation (you can find it here on Amazon). This model is suitable for high-sensitivity gaming mice, it features a thickness of just 3 mm and dimensions of 340×280 mm. The structure is composed of a rigid polymer to offer high responsiveness, with a fabric that is very popular for gaming and a uniform surface, for an excellent layout with all the sensors of Logitech mice. The base is made of non-slip rubber to prevent any accidental movement, for a mousepad suitable for those who want advanced gaming performance.