Retro gaming: Nintendo Switch hides a NES emulator

Some users have discovered that inside the new Nintendo console hides a NES emulator, from 2018 could also come the classic games

Nintendo Switch, the new gaming console of the Japanese giant of video games, has a secret. That has escaped many users, but not all. The console hides, in fact, an NES emulator called "Flog". Its function is currently unclear, since for now it is unused.

According to some experts and also to several sources close to Nintendo, this system will be used in the future for the reproduction of classic titles produced by the Japanese company. When will this happen? According the first rumors, Nintendo starting in early 2018 will launch an online platform where you can download classic and historical video games, such as Super Mario or Zelda, to play them on the new Switch console. It must be said, however, that at the moment no one from Nintendo has confirmed these rumors. But it is very likely that this will happen, given the recent success of apps and consoles produced to play titles even 30 years ago.

Classic games on Switch?

The service to buy classic games and use them on the new console will be included within the platform Nintendo Switch Online. For those who love the historical games of the house Nintendo this is a happy news given the recent difficulty in buying the NES mini Classic. The official revival of the old console that has literally gone to steal on Internet. In addition, with new technologies the success of classic Nintendo games could be even more important, given the possibility of playing online against players scattered around the World. To know more about the functions of the NES emulator present on Switch and to get more information about the future ideas of Nintendo we have to wait for the autumn and the presentation of the new online channel of the company.