The two little brothers earning thousands of dollars with bitcoins

Ishaan and Aanya have more than 200 processors for mining, and now they have moved to a data center earning thousands of dollars with bitcoins: the story of the little brothers from Texas

With the advancement of new technologies, new ways to earn, sometimes a lot of money, are emerging. One of the tools that more and more people are investing in are bitcoins, the digital currency that has been depopulating the web for a few years now. Someone manages to get very rich with cryptocurrencies: among these "pioneers" there are also two little brothers, 14 and 9 years old.

The little brothers looking for bitcoins

Ishaan Takur, fourteen years old, and his little sister Aanya, nine years old, live in Frisco, in the United States. The idea of investing in cryptocurrencies came to them when they heard about it from their father. But investing in digital currency was too expensive, so they decided to start looking for them online to put them on the market, with a process called "mining".

They started in April, watching tutorials on Youtube, and since then they have earned more than 160 thousand dollars, almost 150 thousand euros: a lucrative business, which they called Flifer Technologies. But it wasn't always like that: on the first day of "mining" they earned only three dollars.

But since then it's been an upward process: they've bought more and more computers and more and more graphics cards to search online for the most profitable cryptocurrencies. Ishaan explained that they mostly look for Ether, the digital currency that comes from the Ethereum blockchain. Then they look for bitcoin and ravencoin.

A business that requires many computers

Ishaan and Aanya manage to process 15 to 16 billion algorithms per second. The "systems" for mining need a lot of time, effort and especially electricity: in fact it was recently discovered that bitcoins are among the big polluters of the planet.

The two brothers have more than 200 processors, purchased by their father with a loan. Among other things, we must not forget that we are experiencing a crisis of microprocessors, which are increasingly difficult to find. The two also have 24 machines that specialize in bitcoin mining.

It was Ishaan who built most of the computers from the purchased parts. And they all run at the same speed and in the same way: he says he can process more graphics transactions per second than NASA.

Since they have so many computers and processors, they have moved their business to a data center in Dallas, also in Texas, where they spend 5 thousand euros a month in electricity bills. "But we really only do mining in our spare time now, the rest is taken care of by technicians," explained Ishaan.