The virus that doesn’t ask for ransom, but forces you to play

This is the first ransomware that instead of asking for money in exchange for your files challenges you to play and win a Japanese shooter.

Ransomware has now become famous malware, given its exponential growth in the last period. They are one of the biggest risks on the Net. There are various forms of ransomware: one of them instead of asking for a ransom challenges you to play a Japanese video game.

You got it right. To get your files and your device back after falling victim to the virus, you'll have to defeat the "fearsome" Captain Minamitsu Murasa. This is a shooter in full Japanese style. The malware in question is called Resenware and the first images of this type of ransomware have been posted on Twitter by some of the victims. In order to defeat the virus you need to get the highest possible score in the video game. Problem that should not be underestimated is the difficulty of the game. It is practically impossible to win. If we are in trouble the malware will show us a pop-up menu where it advises us to unlock the level by buying a magic item.

How it works Resenware

On Amazon there are only three pieces left of what is called as "Indefinite Magic Item" video game for Windows computers. If it all sounds very complicated to you, it's because it is all very complicated. Yet the video game has also had fans in the past, so much so that someone made their own demo version of it in 2009. To understand the difficulty of the game you can watch some videos on YouTube, and understand how impossible it is to win. Unless you love challenges and are among the best shooter gamers in the world.

How to Unlock Your PC

Unfortunately after the fame it got on the Net with this attack the malware creator has come forward and apologized to everyone. "It was just a joke," he said and added "In a pop-up it says not to change the scores otherwise the encryption keys are skipped and you will never get your files back, but it is not true. You can do it safely." And in this way you will quickly get your device and files back.