Windows 10 Spring Creators Update, everything you need to know

In the first days of April will be officially released Windows 10 Spring Creators Update that will bring some interesting news with the Timeline

Code name Windows 10 Redstone 4, but the general public will know it as Windows 10 Spring Creators Update. We are talking about the next update of Microsoft's operating system that will be available to all users from April 2018 and will bring with it several new features.

The Redmond company has accustomed us to two major updates every year: in 2017 in April was released Creators Update and in October-November Fall Creators Update. And in 2018 it will be the same. In April we'll have Spring Creators Update and in October-November it will be the turn of Redstone 5 (provisional name, for the official one you'll have to wait a little longer). Windows 10 Spring Creators Update will be available for free for all users who have an original version of the operating system. Here are what will be the most interesting new features.

Security and stability updates

Like all updates that are released for any operating system, Windows 10 Spring Creators Update will also bring improvements from the perspective of cybersecurity and stability. Windows Defender, the antivirus present by default on all Windows 10 computers, will be enhanced and made more effective in defending against ransomware attacks.


The most interesting feature present in Windows 10 Spring Creators Update is Timeline. It is a feature that will allow users to continue working on different devices on the same applications and at the same time you had stopped . With an example it´s easier to understand how Timeline works. If we are working on a Word file in Office and we have to leave to pick up the kids from work, on the bus it will be possible to continue working on the same file through the Office application. Similarly, if we start a job at home in Office with the personal computer, it will be possible to continue it from the point where we stopped with the work computer. In addition to apps developed by Microsoft, third-party apps available for Android and iOS will also be supported.

Another step towards Fluent Design

With the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update another step will be taken towards Fluent Design, the new graphical interface on which the Redmond company has been working for a couple of months. The biggest changes will be in the tab transparencies and colors adopted.

Sharing Files

Sharing files will be easier thanks to Windows 10 Spring Creators Update. A "Share" option has been added to the Applications tab, allowing you to send files and documents to devices nearby. All this is done via the Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth. A simple way to exchange files with your desk colleague without having to send emails that only fill your inbox.

All-in on Edge

Edge, the browser that replaced Internet Explorer with the launch of Windows 10, failed to achieve the success it hoped for. But Microsoft doesn't seem to want to give up on the idea of having a browser that is used by as many people as possible. With the Windows 10 spring update, a system for auto-filling forms will be added, the favorites menu will be completely "restructured" and users will be given the option to automatically mute the audio of certain websites.

Also, Edge will support some Progressive web apps, applications that are present within the Microsoft Store and don't need to be installed to use them.