Fortnite, patch 8.40: everything you need to know about the new update

In addition to new weapons and timed modes, also the official dates of the Fortnite World Cup: April 20 and 21

It has finally arrived the patch 8.40 of Fortnite that, as every time, introduces news and special surprises for all users. In the update 8.30 of the Battle Royale signed Epic Games, was inserted the Restart Van, to bring back to life companions eliminated during the battle, and the special event "Booty of the buccaneers". What does the new update have in store for us this time?

First big news is the timed mode: Royal Aviation. Players will be able to pilot an X-4 Stormwing and dominate the skies, completing free challenges to unlock new covers. The winner will be whoever is the last one to stay in the air. Beware though, this is a mode for couples only. Each plane has 3 lives: whoever touches the ground is eliminated. Not only that: the storm has a maximum height that reduces as the match progresses, decreasing the flight space. There will also be loot, of 5 different rarities, which can be obtained by passing through it.

There is also a time-based mode Battle with Food: Frying. This is a challenge between two teams on opposite sides of the map with a flag in the middle. While the lava will slowly rise from below, users will have to protect their mascot by building a fortress. Not only that, they'll also have to destroy the enemy's one, taking out the opponents left standing. Remember that, as long as the mascot is intact, you can regenerate.

Among the weapons, two novelties: the "Egg Launcher", which is however simply a skin that transforms the appearance of the grenade launcher; also, the new epic and legendary versions of the "Infantry Rifle" are now available. This deals 42/44 damage and can be found in ground loot, chests, supply deliveries and vending machines.

In addition to fixing some bugs, Epic Games has officially released the dates of the new Fortnite World Cup tournament: it will be held on April 20 and 21.