YouTube launches three new functions for creators and focuses on live broadcasts

Three new tools will allow creators to make the most of YouTube live broadcasts, which are looking more and more like TV shows

YouTube launches three new functions, completely dedicated to creators to enrich their channels and videos broadcast through the streaming platform. The strong point is the feature related to live broadcasts, an opportunity that has already seen many of the performers and artists as protagonists, gaining a good success among the public.

After the recent change of the advertising policy, there are particularly interesting innovations that have recently landed on YouTube. One of them is Premieres, excellent to warm up the wait and create excitement in the audience in the time before the publication of the main contents. Since the beginning of March this year, according to data released by the platform on its official blog, many channels have chosen to take advantage of the feature: as many as 8 million channels, with a growth in use of over 85%. A real coup, since more than 80% of the channels in question had never used the feature before.

YouTube, what are the three new features

The three new features that are the protagonists of the moment are Live Redirect, Trailers and Countdown Themes. Dedicated to creators, they aim to grab the attention of viewers, keeping them on the page and, in some cases, pushing them to visit the channel again to stay up to date with their favorite performers.

YouTube, what is Live Redirect

The first of the three features is Live Redirect and consists in the possibility to create a pre-show, a live preview of a Premiere event. Just like a red carpet show waiting for the start of a show or a pre-party full of guests and entertainment, with Live Redirect event presenters can engage and entertain the audience ahead of the main event.

The feature has already been tested in recent months, in particular with events of the "We Are One Film Festival", New York Comic-Con and music-themed shows with Justin Bieber, Cardi B or the band BTS. After its success among the public, the platform has decided to provide its creators with this interesting engagement opportunity.

YouTube, what is Trailers

As you can easily guess from the title, Trailers is a function that allows you to upload a pre-recorded video that will be shown to visitors of the page before a Premiere. With a variable duration, ranging from 15 seconds to 3 minutes, this short video acts as a lead-in to the main content scheduled immediately after its conclusion.

YouTube, what is Countdown Themes

Also in this case the name speaks for itself: it is a countdown in video format, anticipating the Premiere. To meet the needs of all creators, YouTube wanted to provide everyone with the ability to adapt the countdown theme to best suit the style of the channel and content. Whether it's funny, dramatic, sporty or educational, with Countdown Themes there are many possibilities to choose from and all of them are already available.