Huawei P30 Pro will have a periscope

The P30 Pro will have a periscope camera that will guarantee to take pictures with a super-zoom. The smartphone will be presented on February 26

The Huawei P30, flagship smartphone of the Chinese manufacturer that will be launched on March 26, will have a periscopic camera with a truly super zoom and advanced features to take pictures in low light. This is confirmed by Clement Wong, the company's vice president of global marketing.

The excitement over the Mate X, unveiled just last week at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona (where the P30 was also unveiled in preview), has not yet faded, and Huawei is back to making tech lovers dream. Wong confirmed what has been rumored for some time: the top-of-the-line P30 will have a camera with "super-zoom" functionality, but the executive doesn't say exactly how much the maximum magnification will correspond to. It certainly won't be less than that of last year's P20 Pro, amounting to 3X optical and up to 5X hybrid, and there are many who speculate a 10X zoom.

How will the P30 Pro's camera

The same Wong, however, invites everyone to look at the photo of the moon posted by Huawei CEO Richard Yu in recent weeks on the Chinese social network Weibo: from this photo you can see a quad-camera configuration, and the details of the lunar surface are quite defined. This would be a photo taken with the new super-zoom, without any further software retouching in post production. Among the possibilities is that the P30's periscope camera could be equipped with a motorized mechanical zoom lens. It's technically possible, but it would be an impressive achievement for the size of a smartphone. And also a risk: like all mechanical parts, this zoom mechanism could break if dropped or bumped. As for the "low light" features, however, Huawei will start from the already excellent performance of the P20 Pro. Wong made it clear that the P30's next-generation night camera will be a major upgrade over that of the P20 Pro.

One thing, however, is certain: when it comes to low-light shot quality at the moment, the enemy to beat is Google's Pixel 3. In this regard, Wong explains that the P30's internally developed night mode would go a long way in overcoming its competitors' "software-only" approach. What exactly the vice president of global marketing at Huawei means, though, we'll only find out at the P30's launch event in Paris on March 26.