Three is down today, can’t surf. What’s happening

Since about 2pm, 3 users have been complaining of data line problems. At the moment it is not yet known why 3 is not surfing, but technicians are working to solve

The first signs were at 2 pm, when users began to send reports on Reports that have grown dramatically, reaching over a thousand in a matter of minutes. The mobile line of 3 Italia doesn't work in a large part of the country and still nobody knows why 3 is down.

The problems concern both "normal" users and business users and they are spread all over Italy. As you can see from the posts on Twitter, where the hashtag #3Down is quickly climbing the Trending Topic list, the malfunction concerns the data network, even if many complain also about the impossibility to make and receive calls. In particular, users are able to send messages on the web and update social profiles via apps, but are unable to browse when they try to launch their smartphone's browser. This is an unusual problem, to say the least, and one that the mobile and fixed line operator's technicians are already working on. At the moment, however, 3 is still down and it is not known when it will come back to work.

Internet 3 is down, what we know so far

As mentioned, the malfunction that caused the down of the 3 data network is rather unique. According to reports posted on Twitter and on industry portals such as DownDetector, the problem involves web browsing via smartphone browsers. When entering a URL in the field, in fact, the browser remains loading for a few seconds, until an error message appears. Messaging apps such as WhatsApp and social apps such as Facebook and Instagram, on the other hand, do not give any problem.

Despite the nature of the problem, it is possible to assume a problem at the level of routing of data packets: while those coming from social and messaging apps follow the normal process, those intended for online browsing encounter some hiccups and fail to arrive at their destination.

As said, the technicians of the telephone operator are already at work, although no timeframe for the resolution has been made known. We will continue to follow and keep you updated on what is happening.

Update 16:15

The problem has been resolved.