Virgin First Class: shoes with a built-in screen

They have a TV screen, a USB port and even Wi-Fi, only one pair exists in the world, now they are on auction and the entire proceeds will go to charity

Bull Boys step aside. Generations change and so do the extravagant shoes, so here are the new First Class from Virgin. Which not only do not have the slightest sporting ambition, despite being sneakers, but also have a small TV screen. The end, however, a charity auction, justifies the means.

Eccentric and connected. The look of the First Class is really eccentric. They fasten with a strap that mimics that of airplane seats. Then above a large Velcro closure we find a small TV screen, re-evaluating the old concept of watch where you put your feet. And that's not the only technological element of the shoe. We find, in fact, also a USB port to charge your phone. And on both is placed a Wi-Fi hotspot. Ovviamente non poteva mancare qualche lucina. Una chicca. Forse sono un po’ ridicole, ma alcuni concetti sulla connettività, con un design rivisitato, potranno anche essere emulati in futuro da altre aziende.

Una buona causa

foto-first-calss-shoe.jpgFonte foto: Web

Le scarpe prodotte da Virgin

Quelli della Virgin America però non sono impazziti all’improvviso per pensare a una scarpa del genere. Con dei wearable nel wearable per antonomasia: la scarpa, appunto.  Le First Class, che a discapito del look rivedibile stanno spopolando in rete, sono state progettate per un’asta di beneficenza. Ne hanno realizzato solo un paio, e qualcuno dirà anche per fortuna, e attualmente sono all’asta su eBay. L’intero ricavato, infatti, verrà donato all’associazione no profit statunitense Soles4Souls fondata nel 2006. Which deals with redistributing used shoes and clothes in extremely poor areas of the planet. The auction for Virgin's First Class cars began on 13 October and will end on 23 October. If you intend to make them your own or to give them to someone, know that to enter the auction currently need more than 8 thousand dollars.

(The First Class Shoe video is taken from YouTube)

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