What will be the first smartphone with Snapdragon 898

The next American flagship chip is highly anticipated by enthusiasts. He spoke on Weibo a Lenovo manager, giving some clues about the future

It is not yet clear whether the next flagship chip from Qualcomm will be presented to the world as Snapdragon 898 or Snapdragon 895, although the first designation seems more likely. But the name will not be certain until the American company will not announce it passing to the facts, probably in December.

The aspect on which there are no doubts in light of past work and experience of the American company is that the Snapdragon 898 will be powerful, both in terms of ability to perform calculations, ie operations, which in terms of graphics processing, then to run games on smartphones (and tablets) refined from the point of view of graphics and consequently "heavy" for the GPU. Expectations towards the most refined product that Qualcomm will release in 2021 couldn't be different: the Snapdragon 898 will have to be better than the very good Snapdragon 888 Plus of a few months ago, already used on the recent Xiaomi Mix 4 and expected on the first Honor foldable.

SD 898 on Lenovo Legion Phone 3 Pro?

To confirm the high-level performance is Chen Jin, head of Lenovo's Chinese mobile division, who with a post on Weibo has reassured that Qualcomm is expressing maximum effort in the realization of the SM8450 chip, model code with which the Snapdragon 898 is currently known.

And it is precisely Jin that in the same post on the Chinese social brings up Legion Phone 3 Pro, which consequently could be one of the first smartphones in the world equipped with Snapdragon 898. On Legion Phone 3 Pro, the next gaming-oriented smartphone from Lenovo, at the moment the rumors are poor of information, but if so they could come soon because the next high-performance chip from Qualcomm should be official in December: if Lenovo Legion Phone 3 Pro should really be one of the first products to adopt it, the project would already be at a good level of development and rumors will try to anticipate it soon.

Beating the Legion Phone 3 Pro to the punch, however, many think it will be the Xiaomi Mi 12. Or, as the next Chinese top of the line will most likely be called, the Xiaomi 12.

Snapdragon 898's GPU will be top

Chen Jin went on to have his say on Qualcomm's next project. The company would focus quite a bit on improvements to the GPU (the graphics chip) of the Snapdragon 898, which is expected to be the component with the biggest performance boost over the current Snapdragon 888. The Lenovo exec didn't go any further than that statement, but the latest rumors back up Jin's idea by ensuring that the Snapdragon 898's Adreno 730 GPU will be perceptibly better than the current Adreno 660.

Rumors about the Snapdragon 898 have not been lacking in recent weeks, and have drawn what could be a portrait of Qualcomm's next best chip. Having said the uncertainties about the name, it would be made with a 4-nanometer manufacturing process (the current one is 5nm, and the lower the number the more, in theory the higher the efficiency), would have an octa core CPU with architecture with one Cortex-X2, three Cortex-A710 and four Cortex A510, and the new Snapdragon X65 5G modem.