Xiaomi Mi 11, the top of the line with revolutionary features

The Xiaomi Mi 11 will have the camera hidden under the screen. On board the Snapdragon 975 with at least 12GB of RAM. The camera will be revolutionary

The transformation of Xiaomi from a super cheap brand to a smartphone manufacturer able to compete with all the high-end brands in the mobile market has taken a decisive step forward with the Mi 10 series: the excellent Mi 10 Pro has an official price of 999.90 euros, the non-Pro version starts at 799.90 euros. This trend seems to be confirmed by the rumors coming from China about the next Xiaomi Mi 11.

As always, when we talk about rumors, we reiterate that they should not be taken for granted because they may not find confirmation in the final product. But the latest rumors and renders of the Xiaomi Mi 11, coming from the Chinese site Tech Sina, seem fairly credible. Or, rather: the device hypothesized by the Chinese site is revolutionary, but Xiaomi now seems to be able to actually bring it to market. The revolution will be mainly in the screen and the camera, because both components are made with cutting-edge technologies to which other manufacturers have yet to arrive. Here's what the Xiaomi Mi 11 will look like.

Xiaomi Mi 11: display and camera

From the renderings published by Tech Sina you can see a truly full screen display: no notch, no bezels, with AMOLED technology. It will be produced by Samsung and will have a diagonal of 6.67 inches, with a resolution of 3120√ó1440 pixels and a refresh rate up to 120 Hz. If the notch is not there is because the camera will be under the screen, as the fingerprint sensor. In teroria the first smartphone manufacturer that will use a camera hidden under the screen should be ZTE, on its upcoming Axon 20 5G that will be presented next week.

Thanks to the integration of the camera sensor under the screen the Xiaomi Mi 11 should get a screen to size ratio of 98%. The rear cameras, however, will be 3: one 64 MP (although the current Mi 10 Ultra has a 108 MP camera), one 48 MP and a periscopic zoom capable of reaching, in hybrid mode, up to 120X.

Xiaomi Mi 11: the card technical

Always according to Tech Sina also the other technical characteristics of the future Xiaomi Mi 11 will be true top of the range, able to rival any competitor. Starting with the SoC which, of course, will be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 875, produced with 5 nm technology. This SoC also integrates the 5G modem Dragon X60, able to use the millimeter waves. at the moment no indiscretions, however, with regard to RAM, internal memory and, above all, the battery capacity and charging power of the smartphone.