OnePlus 9 RT will be the first top of the line with Android 12

The tradition of OnePlus smartphones with a "T" does not stop: OnePlus 9 RT will be done, and it will be the first top with OxygenOS based on Android 12

In late 2017, the year of OnePlus 5, the Chinese company surprised fans and enthusiasts by launching a revision of the top of the range, then a version to which a couple of specifications were modified to update it to the latest components born by the industry.

To identify it OnePlus chose the letter "T", and although the reason why the update had that letter and not any other never officially came out clearly, the idea is that OnePlus literally chose "one more letter" than Apple, which identified with "S" the technical updates of its iPhones. OnePlus' practice went on for several years, until it stopped - at least that's what rumors say - with the OnePlus 9 series, which is not expected to have a "T" variant. We Westerners, however, may understandably not know that the OnePlus 9 range is actually composed of three products: there is also OnePlus 9 R, which in our parts has not arrived and that, say the rumors, he yes will have an updated variant marked with the letter "T".

How will OxygenOS with Android 12

OnePlus 9 RT, say the rumors, it will be done. And not only will it make it, but it might even be remembered as the first top-of-the-line with Android 12. To achieve this "record", the smartphone should arrive in a few days: the stable version of Android 12 in fact should be released by the end of September, probably several days before the end of the month.

So OnePlus 9 RT should be on the home stretch, and you can guess from the tenor of the rumors that are very firm in predicting this step. As a result, OnePlus should unveil in a few days the update of its Android 12-based user interface, the OxygenOS that will have little or nothing of the distinctive characters of the operating system developed by Google.

Until a year ago we probably would have said the opposite: OnePlus was rather autonomous and close to Google's philosophy in the development of its OxygenOS interface, but then announced that it had joined forces with Oppo. So OnePlus's OxygenOS and Oppo's ColorOS ended up contaminating each other, one taking on the distinctive features and strengths of the other.

So on the OxygenOS of OnePlus 9 RT there will be no trace of Material You - the new stylistic direction inaugurated by Google on Android 12 - rather it will have elements of the Oppo interface so far absent from the OxygenOS: alongside the characteristic functions of the latter such as Zen mode or Shelf, will come from the ColorOS for example a store for themes and Private Space, an environment in which to hide personal files.

How will OnePlus 9 RT

What will be of the new OxygenOS based on Android 12 we will surely find out very soon. What seems already known is the technical profile of OnePlus 9 RT, which according to rumors will vary very little compared to the product already on sale in China and India.

There will be the same OLED display with 120 Hz refresh rate, the Snapdragon 870 chip and a 4,500 mAh battery with 65 watts fast charging. Few changes to the original design, still secret. And it is likely - but not certain - that OnePlus 9 RT will not arrive in Europe just like its predecessor.