Amazon, the Botteghe del Piemonte (Piedmontese Workshops) arrive on the Marketplace

Amazon, in collaboration with the Piedmont Region, expands the Made in Italy store, adding a section on the Marketplace dedicated to Piedmontese craftsmanship

There are those who say, and with good reason, that large chain stores have ended up cannibalizing smaller businesses. And electronic commerce has further complicated things. Help in this regard could come from the unexpected: Amazon, the undisputed leader in e-commerce.

In fact, starting today, on the American giant's Marketplace, there will be a section dedicated to Piedmontese stores. The digital store, which includes a series of products symbolic of Piedmontese craftsmanship, will expand the vast Made in Italy store, a rich showcase that includes the excellence of Florentine, Sardinian, Campania, Calabria and the provinces of Vicenza and Bergamo. The products of Piedmontese craftsmanship can be bought not only by Amazon Italy customers, but also by those from the United Kingdom, France and Germany, a public that is notoriously interested in Made in Italy.

More than 3,700 products of Piedmontese craftsmanship

The section dedicated to Piedmontese craftsmanship is composed of about 3,700 new items, some of them certified "Piemonte Eccellenza Artigiana" (Piedmont Excellent Craftsmanship), in addition to the 50,000 items already present in the Made in Italy store. The initiative was created by Amazon in collaboration with the Piedmont Region, who did their best to bring local artisan producers up to speed and the responses, as the numbers show, have been encouraging. In the new Made in Italy area you can find a multitude of products: fashion accessories, various artistic creations and, of course, many delicacies of Piedmontese food and wine.