14 Days of Fortnite: the prizes of the Christmas tournament

Fortnite's Christmas events start on December 19: every day many special prizes and challenges to complete. Here are the rewards up for grabs

Also Fortnite gives in to the Christmas "spirit" and launches the event dedicated to Christmas. 14 Days of Fortnite is the name chosen by Epic Games for this event: from December 19 until the first days of January 2019, players will be able to get special rewards and participate in daily challenges designed specifically for Christmas.

In addition to the events and rewards, Epic Games will also customize the game maps of Battle Royale and Save the World with Christmas decorations, gingerbread, snow and frozen meadows. The first mode to receive the Christmas update was Battle Royale, while Save the World will have to wait a few more days. As for the daily challenges, users will find 13 new feats that they will have to complete to unlock special rewards. Here's what Fortnite players will find under the Christmas tree.

14 Days of Fortnite, the rewards

Every day Epic Games will put up different prizes. For the moment, the software house did not want to reveal what the rewards are, but some insiders have still managed to leak something. Among the gifts players will find the Combat Wreath backpack, the Equalizer Glider and the Disco cover.

For the Christmas event there will also be a timed mode starring the much-discussed Infinity Blade sword, which has been removed after constant complaints from players on Twitch and other streaming platforms.

14 Days of Fortnite, what's in the Item Shop

Epic Games has also added Christmas-themed gadgets to the online store. You'll be able to purchase the Red Nose Ranger, a candy pickaxe, and lots of red-colored skins. Completing tasks in Save the World mode will give you snowflake cards to spend in the Item Shop.

14 Days of Fortnite, Challenges

As mentioned earlier, there will be thirteen Christmas-themed Fortnite Challenges, each with a different difficulty level and special rewards. The Challenges will focus on specific actions, such as damaging opponents with different weapons, or hitting another player with a snowball.

How to participate in 14 Days of Fortnite

In order to play the daily challenges and get the prizes up for grabs, you need to download Fortnite Update 7.10. The update is available for all platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac and smartphones.