PlayStation Classic Mini arrives in December with 20 games included

Sony is also betting on the retrogaming trend by presenting PlayStation Classic Mini, a modern re-edition of its first gaming console

While waiting for news on the launch of the PlayStation 5, Sony has anticipated what will be one of the most requested gifts next Christmas by gaming nostalgics. From December 2018, in fact, will be available the PlayStation Classic Mini, a small retrogaming console inspired by the first platform for video games launched by the Japanese company in 1994.

The PlayStation Classic is now an almost cult object for gaming fans. A console that marked an era and that now returns in a mini reissue. The size of the PlayStation Classic Mini is reduced by 45% compared to the original launched in the nineties, while the box that we will find in stores will be a faithful reproduction of the first PlayStation and for many children, now become adults, will be like stepping back in time. Inside the package includes in addition to the PlayStation Classic Mini also two wired controllers, an HDMI cable, the instruction manual and a power cord. It lacks the power supply although it must be said that the console is compatible with any USB power supply.

How will the PlayStation Classic Mini

After Nintendo, which in recent months has launched several vintage and mini versions of its historic gaming consoles, even Sony has decided to bet heavily on the return of fashion for retrogaming. In the PlayStation Mini already included we will find 20 different titles, including Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, R4 Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3. Yes, if you're getting a little teary-eyed just hearing certain names of video games from your childhood we understand you. And how will we save our games? No physical memory cards like in the good old days, inside the Mini PlayStation we'll find virtual memory cards on which to save any progress made on a game.

PlayStation Classic Mini: availability and price

In Europe and in Italy the new vintage Sony console will arrive just before Christmas and more precisely on December 3, 2018. In short, you already know what to get or what to give yourself under the tree this year. As for the price, the PlayStation Classic Mini will cost 99 euros. To be sure of being able to secure a PS Classic Mini we will have to connect to the Sony website and sign up for pre-orders that will start in the coming weeks. At the moment the list of 20 games has not yet been all listed by Sony that wants to keep some surprise for the days before the official launch of the vintage console.