4 sites where you can download old classic games for free

Are you a slightly nostalgic gamer always looking for old free video games to download? Here are four sites that are just right for you

Nowadays there are video games for every taste. And often they are practically perfect in terms of graphics and interaction. But every now and then we all feel nostalgic. And the same happens to video gamers. Fortunately, there are several sites where you can download old video games for free.

On the Net there are a myriad of sites where you can download video games with a vintage and retro flavor. Unfortunately, not all of them are really reliable, and the risk of being scammed or installing malware and junk files on our computers is high. However, if we are true fans of classic video games, there are several reliable and safe sites available online. Above all they offer a wide range of titles. Here is where to download old sites for free.


Abandonia collects all those video games whose copyrights have expired. And also those that are no longer supported by the manufacturer. Basically, it specializes in "abandoware". That is, "abandoned" software, i.e. not updated and sold by those who made them, which have become available for free download. The site was founded in 1999 and after a few years of anonymity has begun to enjoy great success. So much so that today Abandonia collects more than a thousand different video game titles and has over 100 thousand registered users. The site focuses on DOS games that can be chosen by name, release date, rating or category.

Abandonware Dos

This site also focuses on the so-called abandonware. And it too has specialized on DOS titles. It also has a good archive of old Windows video games. But, of course, nothing recent. The site is very active and has reviewed every title within it to help you make the right choice. You can browse the games by title, rating or release date. You can also see specific information and previews of the game before downloading it. For each title, where available, there are also old articles and expert opinions, written at the time of the video game's release.

RGB Classic Games

RGB Classic Games has a wide range of classic DOS games, even unreleased titles, and there are even some "modern" DOS titles. Obviously always dated if compared to the video games of recent times. The goal of the site is to preserve the games made in the past for operating systems now no longer available, such as CP/M-86, OS/2, Win16 and Win9x, to give some examples. Also on this site you can see video previews of the game before downloading. And also the library of titles is filterable through keywords, operating system, year of release and name of the game.

Remain In Play

Remain in Play is a site that differs, in part, from the others listed so far because it refuses to include titles that were released for free since their launch, or as freeware. Therefore, this site has several titles that have been marketed for years and that you can't find anymore because they have been abandoned by the manufacturer. The interface of the site is really annoying, with a black background and garish writings, but Remain in Play will give you several satisfactions if you are a nostalgic gamer. We can browse the titles starting from the rankings made by the site, or using keywords such as name, year of release and genre.