How to download Football Manager 2020 for free

Epic Games Store has released Football Manager 2020 video games for PC for free: here's how to download them and challenge your friends on Steam too

Football Manager 2020 surprisingly lands among the three new video games to download for PC for free from the Epic Games Store platform. Users will be able to play the game for free forever, but most importantly, they will be able to upload their previous saves and use cross play to challenge their friends using the Steam platform.

In the week between September 17 and September 24, users who have a free membership to Epic Games Store will be able to access their account and download for free the PC version of Football Manager 2020, but also Watch Dogs 2 and Stick it to the Man! After downloading the video game will remain saved in the user's library, who can install it and start having fun alone or with his friends. Also supporting the free release of Football Manager 2020 are developers SEGA and Sports Interactive, who on the same day announced the arrival of the next chapters of the video games on the Epic Games Store, albeit non-exclusively.

Football Manager 2020, how to download it for free

Gamers who want to download Football Manager 2020 for free, or either of the other two titles, will first need to have a valid subscription to the Epic Games Store site. To download it for free, log into your account, go to the download page and launch it. The game will be available in your library on the Epic Games Store even after the promotion ends. To install it on your PC, you'll just need to download the platform's official launcher, enter the library and start the installation.

The video game is available among the free downloads starting at 5pm on September 17 and will remain so for a week, until September 24. Immediately after the announcement, which came as a surprise to users, the page of Epic Games has suffered a down, probably due to the large number of users who have "assaulted" the site and crowded the servers.

Football Manager 2020, challenge friends on Steam

Football Manager 2020 currently supports cross play in network games to play with users of the Steam platform, which in March 2020 had offered the video game for free for a week. Users will then also be able to challenge their friends using different platforms thanks to Epic Online Services.

Miles Jacoson, studio director at Sports Interactive who developed the game, commented, "We are excited to bring Football Manager to the Epic Games Store and to bring our game to a new audience. In addition, thanks to the introduction of the crossplay feature we are able to offer a multiplayer experience that will be able to bring all players together, regardless of platform between Epic and Steam."

Football Manager 2020, how to upload past saves

For users who already have a game session started on Football Manager 2020 and want to try the title on Epic's platform, it will be possible to import the save of their game and continue the season on the site. To do so, simply click on Upload Game on the Epic Games Store startup screen and your previous saves will already be available, so you can start playing again from your last save.