Facebook, from September goodbye to the classic design: what changes

From September 2020 users on Facebook will no longer be able to choose to use the old design, but only the new one

From September the classic design of Facebook is retired and all users will have to use only the new interface, which will become the final one. In recent months opening the social network you could already choose to explore the new look of the graphics, which will also be the only one available.

The launch of the new graphics, which in design looks more like the mobile version and the Facebook app, came last October 2019. It wasn't until May, however, that the release happened globally, leaving users with the option to use the classic design or to start exploring the new look, which also allows them to choose between a light theme and a dark theme.

Facebook, new design: what changes

Now let's discover in detail the new Facebook graphics. The blue theme gives way to an interface where white predominates, but you can also opt for a dark mode. The icons are nine, round in shape, and the font size has been increased. The user interface comes out simplified and elegant, also offering more space between sections. Navigation is easier and the home page loads faster.

Facebook, classic design disappears from September

Facebook in recent months has asked its 2.9 billion users worldwide to give feedback on the new look, so developers can make fixes and improvements before September. Starting that month, in fact, the old design will disappear and it will not be possible to go back. This is an important change for the social network, the result of a long operation of renewal of the graphics, which aims to make the desktop version more similar to the Android and iOS apps. When you go to a change so radical, it is easy to arouse perplexity and discontent, and so Facebook has decided for a gradual release over almost a year of the new interface. A way to adjust and try to please the nearly three billion users who use the social network.