3 tricks to leave a WhatsApp group without letting them know

Leaving a WhatsApp group is not as easy as it may seem: here are three simple tricks to secretly leave the group

How many WhatsApp groups are you subscribed to? And how many to those where you actually participate? Usually the answers to these two questions are: many for the former, few for the latter. WhatsApp groups allow you to quickly organize an evening with friends, a dinner out or a game of soccer. But they can also become a real nightmare.

Messages that arrive continuously, notifications that disturb us every second: silencing a group can be a good solution. But it is not always effective. What to do then to decrease the annoyance produced by WhatsApp groups in which we do not participate? Very simple, abandon the group. It may seem an extreme solution, but in some cases it is necessary. You must, however, be very careful how you decide to leave the WhatsApp group. Doing it in the open could offend the participants and ruin relationships in real life. Here are 3 tricks that will allow you to leave WhatsApp groups without letting them know.

How to sneak out of a WhatsApp group

Leaving a WhatsApp group where close friends or relatives are present can create friction in real life. What to do, then, to leave a group without letting their friends know?  It is difficult to do, especially because when we leave a group, a notification on the chat alerts the other participants. But with a little cunning, it is possible to make our exit go unnoticed. Here are three very useful tricks for leaving WhatsApp groups.

1 - Leave the group while others are writing. In large groups, it is normal that there are times when dozens and dozens of messages are sent in a few minutes. In order to leave the group without others noticing, it is necessary to take advantage of these moments. In this way, the notification will go unnoticed and no one will realize that we have left.

2 - Change your name. WhatsApp allows you to change the name of your account. We usually use our first and last name. If we want to sneak out of a group we can change it momentarily to a generic "Marco Rossi". In this way our friends won't notice anything and we won't have to explain why we left.

3 - Technical problems. If after leaving a group, some of the members ask for clarification on why we have taken this decision, we can use the classic excuse of technical problems. "WhatsApp doesn't work so well for me anymore", "My smartphone is not compatible with WhatsApp", "I prefer Telegram because it is more secure". They may not believe our words, but our motivation is more than valid.

If you do not want to leave the WhatsApp group, the only alternative is to mute it. We can decide not to receive notifications for 8 hours, 1 week, 1 year.