6 Elements for a Successful Business Website

It may sound easy, but it's not that way at all. Creating a business website with a professional look and content requires not only adequate skills, but also a long preliminary study phase. It is necessary to analyze the sector of the company or the activity; to study how competitors behave; to identify a list of keywords, with a lot of related topics, on which to work to improve online visibility and convert visitors into customers. In short, a job that only to the eyes of a layman may seem simple and quick.

When you move on to the implementation phase, however, you must consider some elements, structural and content, which will be essential in creating a business website that works. In particular, you will have to take into account 6 factors that will determine the success or otherwise of your activities on the web. These are fundamental aspects to be taken care of maniacally: in order for your company's presence on the web not to be in vain, you will have to make sure that everything goes perfectly. And if you really don't know how to move, the last piece of advice remains valid: turn to experts like Italiaonline that, with its IOL Website service and its team of professionals, will be able to help you create the best possible website for your company.

Start with a strategy

The first thing to do when you have to create a company website is to establish a web marketing strategy that allows you to bring out your brand and the products or services you offer. In this phase, which we can call design, you have to define all aspects of your online business: website, online advertising, social network presence and so on. In addition, you will have to understand, even in broad strokes, how to use the different tools that the Web offers you to reach the different audiences that may be interested in your products or services.

At the center of the web marketing strategy should be the company web portal. It is the most flexible medium and the one that you can best adapt to your communication needs: you can create the content you prefer, which you can then broadcast on social networks or through e-mail marketing campaigns. Moreover, thanks to the website, you can collect data and contact information on the readers/users of the website, so you can contact them directly when you launch a new service or product.

Simple to navigate website

The core of the strategy, as mentioned, should be the website. For this reason, in both the design and implementation phases, you should leave nothing to chance. And the best way to create a business website that works is to study its structure. Before realizing it, therefore, you will have to define the various menu items, the sections that will compose it and the architecture of the contents.

To be functional, a company website should be as clear as possible: the menu items should be intuitive; the division into sections should not create doubts or overlaps; the contents should describe in a short and at the same time attractive way the services or products you offer. In short, everything should be based on simplicity.

In particular, you should pay special attention to the so-called above-the-fold area. This is the portion of the home page that is immediately visible without scrolling. It has been proven that users spend 80% of their time looking at content in this area. This is where you should focus most of the information about your company or business: who you are and where you are, what services you offer and what sets you apart from the competition.

About Us Page

In your communication strategy, you should pay special attention to the description of your work team. It is useless to deny, in fact, that on the market there are dozens of companies or freelancers able to offer the same service/product as you or, at any rate, a very similar one. To stand out, therefore, you must leverage on an element that no one can copy: the people with whom you collaborate and who make your company so special.

Using creative writing and storytelling techniques, enhance the strength of your team, highlight what makes you so special and why readers should choose you as a partner (or should choose your products). Obviously, avoid overly celebratory or self-aggrandizing tones: try to leverage empathy, so as to create an emotional connection between you and the reader.

Talk about your successes

The success of Amazon and ebay should have taught you something: the difference between a product that sells and one that stays on the shelves is determined, more often than not, by the reviews and opinions of other users who have already bought/tried it. The same concept is, of course, also valid for your products or services: dedicate a section of your website to case histories and feedback from your customers.

This will allow the reader to "identify" with the protagonists of the success stories, discovering how you can help them solve their problems or achieve the goals they have set themselves. Similarly, the feedback will be useful to grow their trust in you, allowing you to break into their hearts even if they don't know you.

Content is the king

The difference between a website that works and one that doesn't bring results is, more often than not, in the text and content published on the pages. Although the structure of the site and the publishing platform chosen are of great importance, if the content published is of poor quality, the results will be slow to arrive or not at all. If you think about it, the reason is quite obvious: unless you decide to invest heavily in web advertising - on Google Ads, for example, or on Facebook and other social platforms - users will discover your site by searching on Google and other search engines. And with unoptimized or poorly written content it will be difficult to get on the first page of any search engine. In short, content is the king and no one seems ready to dethrone it.

Recommend to professionals

As you may have understood, creating a company website is a complex activity, in which the most disparate skills and professionalism are required. For this reason it is always advisable to turn to professionals, who know how to advise you and can help you to create a site that looks good and is functional at the same time. Turning to Italiaonline, the largest Italian media company, you can have the site as you want at an affordable price.

With the service IOL Website, in fact, you can count on the experience and professional skills of our web specialists, ready to help you in the creation of the portal for your company or your business. They will help you to choose the graphic template that best suits your needs, they will guide you in defining the structure of the site, they will create SEO oriented content that will help you to position yourself on search engines and gain free visibility on the web.