How to be found on Google Maps with your business

Localization on maps is essential to improve the online visibility of your business. Here's how IOL Connect can help

Online visibility has become a fundamental aspect for every micro, small and medium-sized business that wants to promote its activities and expand its business beyond the "usual" customers. From this point of view, appearing on maps is of fundamental importance for SMEs that make the "local" dimension their strong point.

Think, for example, of mechanics and body shops, or activities related to the world of food and catering (restaurants, pizzerias, taverns, delicatessens and so on) and stores of any kind (clothing chains or supermarkets, but also dealers and electronics stores). For these businesses it is very important to appear on Google Maps and other digital mapping services such as TuttoCittà in order to be found immediately by users who need their services (think, for example, of someone who is stranded and looking for a nearby mechanic).

The Google-IPSOS research

A confirmation of the importance of online information and its correctness also comes from a market research conducted by IPSOS on behalf of Google. Among the main factors that determine the choice of a point of sale rather than another, we find (excluding price, first by detachment) the opening hours (72% of respondents) and the proximity to the place where we are or where we will be soon (66% of respondents). And since search engines are increasingly used to gather information before starting to make purchases, it is immediately clear that a store that wants to increase its sales needs a well-curated and detailed online form.

To this, then, must be added that 66% of users who go looking for information directly on maps, both from browser and mobile app. A business that manages to appear in the very first positions of a local and geo-localized SERP, in short, will have a greater chance of attracting the attentions of a user and converting him into a customer.

To check the presence of your business on online maps you can use the Web Scanner by IOL Connect.

The importance of data for geolocation

As Google itself points out in its guide to Local SEO, businesses that want to appear in the top positions of the SERPs and, at the same time, appear on Google Maps, must provide consistent and accurate data. Only in this way the algorithms and the web crawlers of the Mountain View company will be able to precisely identify our geographic location and position us correctly on the map. In short, if the goal is to be found on Google Maps, you must pay particular attention to the data present not only on the website of your business, but also on Facebook Page, Yellow Pages, TuttoCittà on Foursquare and other online services.

How to appear on digital maps thanks to IOL Connect

In this search for greater online visibility, a tool like IOL Connect can make the difference between being in the geolocalized search results and not being there. By clicking here and accessing IOL Connect, in fact, you can use the Web scanner, a free tool that allows you to instantly (or almost) know the online data related to our business. This information is indispensable if you want to improve your online presence and appear on the maps: by verifying that the data is accurate and consistent, you can set up an appropriate local SEO strategy. If not, you can intervene, correcting the wrong information (not only the address, but also the phone number and other contacts, days and opening hours, etc.) and laying the foundations to climb positions in the local SERP and in the map.