What is it and the features of Dropbox for Business

In this article we'll explain what are the peculiarities and functions of Dropbox Business, a special package of Dropbox designed for teamwork.

To do your job, very often talent alone is not enough. For long-term goals and to streamline many tasks, organization is just as critical. Fortunately, nowadays and thanks to new technologies, it is possible to use dedicated software, with which we'll access all our tools, contents and collaborators from the same place.

Among them, Dropbox Business is one of the most valuable allies for professionals, especially designed for teamwork. In this guide we'll first discover Dropbox's features, and then we'll focus on the Business plan, which actually represents a separate area of this popular digital storage service. Of course, we'll also explore its costs, as well as the explicitly technical differences between the different packages available.

What is Dropbox

If in the next paragraph we're going to focus on all aspects of Dropbox Business, in the same way it's essential to be clear about what Dropbox is and how it works. As with other cloud storage services on the market, we have the possibility to store our files in a single space. After installing it on your PC, smartphone or tablet, thanks to synchronization we can access photos, videos and documents at any time. And regardless of the device we have chosen to use. Not only that, if it is very useful for the presence of the simultaneous saving of changes on multiple terminals, it is also commendable the possibility of sharing files already stored with other users, including precisely the work colleagues. As if that wasn't enough, sharing is guaranteed even with users who don't use the software or its application.

The platform packaged by the American company Dropbox Inc. can also be used by freelancers and professionals to organize their professional showcase, which contains all their work, to be shared later with potential clients thanks to the handy feature called Showcase. Companies that choose to use and invest in the Dropbox for Business version will also be able to verify in real time the activity of their employees, relying on the administrative controls function, as well as having a total protection of shared data against forced access attempts by third parties, usually fraudulent.

Dropbox Business: how it works

At this point you may wonder if Dropbox is free, if it provides costs and what they are for each plan on computers and mobile apps. So let's try to clarify, focusing specifically on the Dropbox Business edition of the software. We start with Dropbox Basic, which is the free version that provides 2 GB of free space, as well as syncing and sharing features.

The intermediate plan is instead Dropbox Plus, which offers 1 TB of storage space, offline folders on smartphones and tablets, remote device wipe and priority email support. All this at the price of 9.99 euros per month. Then we have Dropbox Professional, the most comprehensive plan made for individual users. Storage space goes up to 2 TB, making available both controls for shared links and the aforementioned Showcase feature. Priority chat support is also guaranteed, for a total cost of €19.99 per month.

We finally arrive at the Dropbox Business plan, which the company has designed as a separate package and dedicated specifically to companies that need to work in teams. Even in this module, there are different subscription plans, currently there are three of them, each with its own functionality and specific features. The first is the Standard plan, the cheapest of the three, at a cost of 10 euros per month per user and with 3 TB of available storage space. The second plan is the Advanced, an intermediate version with unlimited space.

The cost rises to 15 euros per user, with a lot of additional features such as device approval, Showcase and separate administrator roles. To close, the offer also includes an Enterprise plan, the most comprehensive and efficient for professionals. To know the prices and details of the contract, however, it is necessary to click on the "Contact Us" button on the company's official website: costs vary depending on the companies, the specific services required and the security needs of the same.