Now TV: features, how it works, costs and packages

Now TV is a valid alternative signed Sky that allows you to watch movies, sports and programs without having to resort to subscription with dish and decoder. The only prerequisite is an internet connection. Now TV in fact is easy to use, convenient and affordable. There are several thematic packages to activate, with no renewal obligation. Let's find out what awaits us after the free trial period.

Now TV: how it works

We have already mentioned that the only requirement to take advantage of the Now TV offer is an internet connection, a good line of at least 2.5 Mbps is what you need. If you want to access HD content you need a value of 3.5 Mbps which becomes 10 for Super HD. You can do a connection test to find out the speed, directly on the Now TV website.

What devices support this service? Praticamente tutti, device iOS e Android, tablet, smartphone, computer, iPad oltre a playstation e Xbox. Si può accedere anche attraverso il browser oppure utilizzare un apposito congegno per visualizzare l’intrattenimento scelto sul tuo televisore. Si può dunque utilizzare in mobilità o seduti comodamente in salotto. Elenchiamo nel dettaglio le varie possibilità.

  • Computer: Sistema operativo Windows a partire da 7, 8.1 e 10. Mac con sistema operativo OSX 10.9 e successivi.
  • Browser supportati: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome sia su Mac che su Windows, Safari, Mozilla firefox.
  • Smartphone e tablet: iOS 9.0 e successivi, Android 4.4. e successivi certificati.
  • Smart TV: Smart TV Samsung modelli dal 2015,
    2016, 2017, 2018 e 2019. Smart TV LG WebOs 1.4.0, WebOs 2.0, WebOs
    3.0, WebOs 3.5, WebOs 4.5.
  • Game console: Playstation 4 e Xbox One e One S.
  • Dispositivi TV: Now TV Smart Stick, Now TV Smart Box, Vodafone TV, Tim Box e Chromecast e Chromecast Ultra.

You need to install a player that is a software compatible with all recent versions of Windows and MacOS that allows you to play the content of Now TV. To get it, just select any on the site and then click on Download. This is different for two other devices: the Now Tv Smart Stick and the Now Tv Smart Box. What are they? The first is a stick that plugs into the HDMI port of the TV that also offers additional applications such as Youtube, Vimeo and Vevo. Once again an option that makes portability its strength, it can be used anywhere. It can be purchased online or in major electronics stores such as Unieuro, Mediaworld, Expert and Euronics.

It costs less than 30 euros and is sold in combination with a 3-month package with cinema, entertainment or TV series, of your choice. Otherwise, at the same price with 1 month of sports. How to use it? Piccola e leggera, si collega alla porta HDMI della TV, alimentata da una porta USB della stessa o tramite corrente e connessa alla Wi-Fi. Viene gestita dalla App su smartphone o tramite il telecomando in dotazione. Il Now TV Smart Box è invece un set-top box che si collega alla televisione tramite HDMI e alla Wi-Fi wireless o attraverso cavo LAN via Ethernet. Anche in questo caso ci sono applicazioni extra da utilizzare e la vendita con pacchetto tematico abbinato. Ma come funzionano esattamente questi pacchetti?

Costi e pacchetti di Now TV

I prezzi dei ticket ovvero dei pacchetti a tema tra cui è possibile scegliere sono i seguenti:

  • Sport. Il calcio con la Serie A TIM con 7 partite su 10 ogni giornata, UEFA Champions League e UEFA Europa League, campionati esteri oltre alla Formula 1, l’NBA, il Tennis, la MotoGP, il Rugby e molto altro ancora. Un mese costa 29,99 euro al mese ma si può optare anche per un solo giorno o settimanale rispettivamente a 9,99 euro e 14,99 euro;
  • Cinema. Oltre 1000 film on demand, oltre i canali Sky Cinema in diretta streaming. Costo 9,99 euro al mese;
  • Serie TV e Intrattenimento. Le migliori serie TV, i documentari, gli show più seguiti e amati. Costo 9,99 euro al mese. Se volete aggiungere il cinema potete optare per il pacchetto che prevede entrambi al costo di 14,99 euro al mese.

Canali live, disdici quando vuoi, 4 dispositivi associabili, tuttavia tra un ticket e un altro ci sono delle differenze. Ad esempio a quello dedicato esclusivamente allo sport, manca la possibilità di visualizzare i contenuti su 2 dispositivi in contemporanea. Problema che può essere eventualmente risolto con l’Opzione + con costo di 2,99 euro da aggiungere mensilmente e che permette anche di usufruire del Super HD. The + option is already included in some offers, for example the Now TV Smart Stick with Cinema, TV series and Entertainment for three months.

Before thinking about which option might be best for you, though, there's the free trial period to consider. How does it work? There are currently three options for the free 14 days to try based on preference. TV Series, Entertainment, Cinema with Option + for 14.99 euros per month. On the other hand, if you're a movie buff and aim for just that, the Cinema and Option + option costs 9.99 euros per month. Finally, TV Series and Entertainment with Option + always 9.99 euros per month.

At the end of the trial, the chosen subscription is automatically renewed, unless you decide to change or cancel it, at no cost. Now TV Sport is not included in the trial period but can be added at any time according to the various modes described above: daily, weekly and monthly. Finally, there are a number of additional offers connected to partners then to other companies such as Vodafone, Tim, Samsung, Netflix, Google, Italo and others.

How to subscribe to Now TV

The steps to subscribe are very simple, you go to the official website. Click on Free Trial, choose the ticket you like best. At this point you will be asked for your email and password to create your account. Continuing on, there will be fields to fill in with your personal data and payment method (credit/prepaid card or Paypal account). As long as you do not exceed 14 days the cost is zero. Now you can access and choose comfortably what to watch. To the side you will find a menu on which you will find all the items of the subscription you have subscribed, so the live channels or movies or episodes of TV series and many suggestions. Just click on the image. If you are a new user you will be asked to download the player. Once it is installed, you can sit back and view the content of your choice. You can choose your favorites, pause and pick up where you left off without any difficulty. The same simplicity is found in the management of tickets, in your account you can decide to modify the present offers, add and delete. If you want to enjoy Now TV on the go, the App works in exactly the same way. Once you've downloaded it, you enter your account details and can safely access it. In addition, for those who love mobile devices, there is Now TV Mobile, at a cost of 6.99 euros per month with the TV series and entertainment ticket that allows one viewing at a time and exclusively on smartphones and tablets.

Eventual problems with Now TV

Small inconveniences can occur, as with the use of any service and device. The inability to play a video is an error that may be related to the player. The solution in most cases is related to the installation and it is sufficient to repeat the procedure. Otherwise, try disconnecting and accessing again or clearing the cache from the browser.

Slowdowns and blocks may be due to WiFi speed, which can be tested on the Now TV website. Inability to access due to multiple connected devices is related to the limits described above. Disconnect and remove those that you do not use is necessary and can be easily done from the settings under device management. Finally, in general there is to consider that for any problem there are support channels.

Disadvantages of Now TV

The advantages of Now TV are several. There are no constraints, you can access from many different devices, you can buy only what you like or only once for a single event. You can then suspend use for a period of time without paying out-of-pocket. In short, you only pay for what you want. The catalog offers the best according to genre but also premieres, the most viewed, the most awarded.

A site map at the bottom of the page gives you an overview of what you can find using this streaming and on demand service. Now TV is a smart, convenient and free choice. The only prerequisite to evaluate carefully is a suitable and valid wifi to support the reproduction.