Agriculture gets smart thanks to big data

Big data collected through Internet of Things objects is the future: it will make the farm more and more efficient

The digitalization process started by many industries, we talk in this case of Industry 4.0, has also involved companies, both small and large, operating in the agricultural sector. Work in the countryside, in fact, has become increasingly precise, thanks to the adoption of new technologies.

The latest generation machines make it possible to speed up work and obtain precise results. And that's not all. New technologies, in what is known as Agriculture 4.0, also allow for the collection of a valuable amount of data, which can be used to improve the business in various areas. Data, if properly exploited, can help the agricultural enterprise to make the entire production chain more efficient, especially limiting the waste of resources. These digital innovations include the always-connected objects of the Internet of Things. Resorting to IoT devices for an agricultural enterprise can prove crucial.

How agriculture is changing with IoT objects

The data collected by IoT devices is important as it allows for real-time evaluation of various parameters. For example, a farm will be able to check the condition of a soil or crops, or the weather. It will be possible to obtain information on the arrival of possible diseases and know when to intervene with treatments. The use of the always-connected objects of the Internet of Things has above all another advantage: it will make agriculture increasingly greener and less dependent on the use of chemicals, harmful to the environment and harmful to the plant. And, therefore, also for man.

The transition towards an agriculture 4.0 is a process that in the coming years will become mandatory. Italian farms, if they want to compete, will have to start opening up to new technologies. And they will have to do it thinking about the benefits that will be obtained in the long run by investing in this new productive model.