Curon, the new Italian Netflix series available from June 10

A new TV series made in Italy will be available on Netflix from June 10. Here's everything you need to know about Curon

A new Italian production is ready to debut on Netflix: from June 10 will be available Curon, a TV series set in the homonymous town in the province of Bolzano. A TV series much awaited and much talked about in the previous months: Italy is back on Netflix with a very special content, already starting from the chosen genre, the supernatural. The protagonist of the TV series is a family that returns to live in Curon after many years and that will immediately be confronted with the strangeness of the city.

Anna, Mauro and Dalia (the twin children) are the protagonists of Curon, a family with a strange past that will slowly emerge in the seven episodes of the TV series. Like all Netflix original series, Curon will be available on the video streaming platform from the morning: the seven episodes of the first season can be seen by all subscribers on compatible devices, starting from the app for smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.

The plot of Curon, the new Italian TV series on Netflix

Curon takes its name from the homonymous town where the series is set. The town is characterized by the presence of Lake Resia, an artificial lake for the production of hydroelectric energy that forced to move the whole town upstream. The only building left of the old town is the bell tower that emerges from the lake. This ghostly setting is the backdrop to the TV series, which tells the story of Anna and Mauro and Dalia, her twin children. The story is centered on Anna's return to the town where she was born with her two children and her disappearance which occurred in a rather strange way. The twins will set off on a supernatural journey to find out what happened to their mother.

How to watch Curon on Netflix

Curon will be available on Netflix from 9:00 am on June 10. Like most TV series available on Netflix, the seven episodes of the first season will be released simultaneously on the video streaming platform.

To watch Curon on Netflix, users have several opportunities available to them. First, one must be a subscriber to the video streaming service, and then one must use one of the supported devices: smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, computers, consoles, a set-top-box, a dongle such as Google's Chromecast, or a blu-ray player with an integrated Android system. On the smartphone, tablet and smart TV you need to download and install the app from the online store, while from the PC you can also access Netflix through the browser of the PC.

To see Curon streaming just log into Netflix, enter your credentials and click on the banner dedicated to the TV series. It will open a screen with all the episodes available and clicking on the Play button on the individual episode will start playback.