Sotto il cielo di Riccione, the Italian film available on Netflix from July 1

Summer invades the streaming platform: the new film written by Enrico Vanzina make people want to go to the beach and on vacation. Here are the details on the plot and the release of Sotto il Sole di Riccione

Summer is coming and also Netflix is preparing for the summer with many ad hoc contents. One of them is Sotto il Cielo di Riccione (Under the Riccione Sky), the new comedy written by Enrico Vanzina, together with Caterina Salvadori and Ciro Zecca.  The movie will be distributed on Netflix starting from July 1, 2020. Later it will also be broadcast by Mediaset.

Directing is the duo YouNuts! formed by Niccolò Celaia and Antonio Usbergo. These two names are not new in the directing scene, but so far they have dedicated themselves to music videos. In fact, they have collaborated with Jovanotti, Alessandra Amoroso, Emma Marrone, Coez, Salmo, Giorgia and many others. This is their first feature film. And speaking of music, there is a soundtrack of all respect, also written by Tommaso Paradiso, one of the singers symbol of recent years, which together with his old band, The Journalists, became famous thanks to the refrain that gives the name to the film.

Under the sky of Riccione: the plot

The events take place in the city of the Adriatic coast that during the summer welcomes tourists from all over Italy, including many boys. So, a group of teenagers arrives in Riccione composed by Ciro (played by Cristiano Caccamo) who dreams of becoming a famous singer. However, after the flop of an audition he decides to fall back on another job, becoming a lifeguard. Next to him, we find Marco (Saul Nanni) and his love misfortunes: he is in love with Guenda (Fotinì Peluso) but he is unable to declare his love. Fortunately, Gualtiero (Andrea Roncato) will come to his rescue and thanks to his experience and maturity he will help the boy to find some courage.

In Riccione, a couple also arrives: a mother (Isabella Ferrari) and her blind son (Lorenzo Zurzolo). She is very protective but will have to try to let go: this year her son is determined to gain some independence and make a group of friends for the vacations. So, day after day, he bonds with the clique of friends led by Furio (Davide Calgaro). All these characters contribute to create a comedy with a decidedly summery atmosphere: light and carefree. Everything is seasoned with the most famous songs of recent years. Of course there are some hits of The Journalists as Riccione and Completely, but they are not the only tracks to compose the soundtrack. Tommaso Paradiso himself will make a cameo in the film.

How to watch Sotto il cielo di Riccione on Netflix

It's a fact: the famous streaming platform has been focusing on Italy for a few years now. There are already many Netflix original Italian TV series, and this is one more content that confirms the company's interest. The film will be available for all subscribers to the video streaming platform. To see Sotto il cielo di Riccione on Netflix you need to access the platform, which is available for smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TVs, consoles and dongles like the Google Chromecast. After entering your credentials, just click on the banner dedicated to the film on the homepage. At this point just click on the Play icon and start playing the movie.