All the news of Windows 11

The first screenshots of the interface of the new operating system by Microsoft have arrived: all the news about Windows 11


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Initials, videos, allusions: after a handful of days of anticipations and just over a week from the event that should officially present it to the general public, Windows 11 has revealed its appearance.

The first photos, though still not official, of Windows 11 have appeared in a news of the Chinese portal Tieba Baidu. In the images you can clearly see the wording Windows 11 Pro, a detail that brings to mind the declinations of previous versions of the software. Also this time, therefore, there will be at least two editions, one standard and one advanced, while for the others we must wait for official confirmation from Microsoft. Another element that has emerged from the screenshots is the number of the build that, specifically, is categorized with the identifier 21996.1. As for the nomenclature, however, seems confirmed the choice to continue with the canonical numbering, there will be a "Windows Sun Valley", a name that had appeared in the documentation spread by mistake by Redmond, but only the now traditional numerical indicator.

Windows 11, the news

First feature that appears from the photographs, shown on Tieba Baidu and reported by The Verge, is that of the user interface. The design shows immediately more immediate and simple than before, with rounded lines and icons different from what we are used to seeing despite the visual references to Windows 10X. The ever-present Start button, then, moves to the middle of the screen, but can be repositioned to the left according to the user's needs. In a separate area, then, appear the widgets.

New graphics, in line with the dictates of Fluent Design, for the notification center and the settings dedicated to the configuration of the operating system parameters. That's why images with a more evident use of three-dimensionality and depth, fundamental characteristics of the style. To show them, in this case, is the user Zealer once again on Baidu, which has brought to light two backgrounds of Windows 11, likely used in light and dark themes.

Another novelty, the new Xbox App, now an integral part of the software. As well as enjoying a new look, the application has quick and direct access to the Game pass library.

Windows 11, an ISO has surfaced

In addition to the snapshots, the ISO, or the contents of an installation disc for Microsoft's forthcoming OS, has also surfaced. From the dimensions of 4,54GB, it would contain an official version (but, surely, not released through "official channels") of Windows 11. An error or a hacker hit? For some, certainly, a dangerous opportunity (both legally and from the point of view of security) to test at their own risk the features that we expect to know better next June 24, with the online event of Redmond.