Netflix, prices increase for subscriptions

Netflix has announced an immediate price increase for old and new customers. Find out now how much the subscription costs and choose the one that suits you!

After the return of the free trial period, Netflix announces another news, this time not very welcome pe users. The streaming video service increases the prices of two types of subscription. The basic €7.99 monthly rate will remain untouched, while the other two available subscriptions will increase.

The new rates will increase by one euro for the 2S subscription and two euros for the 4S subscription. The changes will be immediate for new subscribers, while incumbents will have a notice via email or in the Netflix app sent a month in advance. Of course, the price changes will not affect the features of the various subscriptions. For example, those with a basic subscription will only be able to watch movies, TV series and other movies in the catalog from one device at a time, while those with the most expensive subscription will be able to continue watching 4K movies from four devices at once. All that remains to be seen is whether the new rates will affect the increase in subscribers to the service or not.

New Netflix rates: how do they work?

Netflix is applying the new rates as of now to all new subscribers. The service has the following price increase. The base rate of 7.99 euros will not change, the other two subscriptions will. The 2S plan will no longer cost 10.99 euros, but 11.99 euros. The 4S plan that had a price of 13.99 euros will cost 15.99 euros from today.

The cheapest subscription is ideal for those who use the platform alone and maybe watch movies only from a computer, smart TV or smartphone. The other two are more unique. The 2S plan provides FullHD video viewing that can be enjoyed simultaneously on two devices, so it's ideal for sharing expenses with another person. Then there is a third option that allows you to watch UltraHD streaming content that can be enjoyed by as many as 4 devices at the same time. It's ideal for a group of friends or a large family, and especially for those who have a 4K TV.

The free trial period

Netflix had suspended free trial period in April, but a few days ago restored it with an important change: the trial changes depending on the web session and users. The methods according to which, some interested people are proposed a period of 7 days, others even 30 days, while some no trial are not well understood. Many think that this is yet another test of the company to understand when and why people decide to sign the contract. Surely the change in rates will further affect the purchase decision of consumers interested in the streaming service.

The offer, on the other hand, is increasingly wide and is the same for all subscribers. Since 2015, when Netflix made its debut in Italy, the catalog has expanded a lot. For example, interactive TV shows and series have arrived, but also numerous Italian productions have made their debut on the platform. 2019 promises to be a really interesting year, it will be full of novelties suitable for all tastes.