How to increase space on Android without using a microSD card

If your smartphone doesn't have a microSD slot, to increase storage you need to use cloud storage services or a USB stick

Most users who have an Android smartphone when they want to increase their phone's storage space buy a microSD card. A wise choice and quite convenient too. But not all phones, especially the older generation ones, have the slot for expandable memory.

If we can't, or don't want to, buy an external memory to put on our device, to increase the storage space, we have to try to clean up our phone as much as possible. Fortunately, this is a fairly simple operation that everyone can do. The first step is to check the applications on our smartphone. Generally, apps, along with photos, are the main cause of lack of memory on the smartphone.

Deleting apps

If our phone has almost run out of memory, it's time to delete some apps we no longer use. Remember that generally an Android smartphone, especially if not the latest generation, tends to run less efficiently when the storage space exceeds 75-80%. First, we need to check which apps are taking up the most memory. To do this we have to go to Settings, then to Storage Space and finally to Apps. At this point we'll see a page with the list of apps that clog the memory the most and we'll have to delete the ones we don't use. 

Deleting Photos

Photos and videos, as already mentioned, are the other big problem for a smartphone's storage space. After months or years, depending on our passion for photography, the phone's memory will be completely full from our shots. This does not mean that we should no longer capture the most beautiful moments of our days, we simply need to save the photos in an external memory from our phone. It can be for example the home computer, or even an external hard disk. But we can also use a cloud service. Google Photos, for example, grants unlimited storage for photos and videos. As long as the photos don't exceed 16 megapixels and the videos don't exceed 1080p.

Use streaming

Another big problem for the phone's memory is the files we download. Especially the music we save on the device. To avoid taking up too much storage space this way, the solution is to use streaming services and apps. Like, for example, Spotify or Deezer. A good alternative, especially if we don't want paid services, is instead Plex. Plex is an application that allows you to synchronize your PC's memory with your smartphone, so you can listen to music without taking up storage space on your mobile device.

USB flash drives

MicroSD cards aren't the only way to increase the storage space on your Android smartphone. There are also many USB flash drives on the market that we can easily carry around. If you need it, just plug it into the phone's USB port and you'll be able to move photos, videos and documents.