Wind, from today increase the costs for those who recharge late

From December 2, Wind has increased the costs for those who recharge late: to continue to use their offer you pay almost two euros more per month

If you have a Wind rechargeable SIM and you are not very punctual in recharges, then for you there is bad news: as expected for some time Wind has increased, from December 2, the costs for those who recharge late. Do the math, the cost of the delay doubles at best.

The move had already been announced in late October, as usual is a unilateral change in the conditions of service, and as always the user can decide not to accept the change and change operator at no additional cost. Together with the increase in costs for those who recharge late, also on December 2, the adjustment for all Wind mobile users to the European regulation "Roaming Like at Home". The latter is good news for customers, who will be offered more data traffic when they are abroad in the European Economic Area and, at the same time, will pay slightly less for MB consumed in excess of the offer.

Wind increases for those who top up late: how they work

Those who have signed up for a Wind rechargeable offer with traffic included, if they do not top up on time can continue to use the traffic provided by the offer until 23:59 on the day after the expiry date. All this has a cost: 99 euro cents, which will be deducted from the next top-up. If you do not top up the next day, the traffic will still be available for two more days at a cost of another 99 cents. After these two days, if you don't top up, the phone number remains active only to receive calls and make emergency calls.

It's easy to do the math: those who delay to top up lose almost 2 euros, twice as much as before. But that's not all, because this mechanism is repeated for each offer activated by the user. So if a customer has several active offers, with different expiry dates, he could find himself with multiple charges of 1.98 euros in the same month.

Wind: the new roaming tariffs

With a slight advance compared to the entry into force, scheduled for 2020, of the new European Regulation for Roaming, Wind has also adapted by changing the rates. Wind now offers more data traffic in EU countries and lowers the cost of excess MB consumed: from the previous 0.549 euro cents per MB to the current 0.427 cents. Charges for additional data traffic include VAT and are charged for each additional KB.