Samsung Galaxy S21 FE cheap will arrive in late summer

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE may have made a surprise exit on Instagram. In the meantime, the company would have fixed its launch

A few hours before the Galaxy Unpacked event during which Samsung will make official the flagship products with which it intends to face the second half of 2021 - there will be no new Galaxy Note but Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 will hold high the "flag" - the Seoul-based company may have committed an oversight on its international Instagram account.

A careless social media manager may have used the wrong image with which to make a post dedicated to the new school year, so this may have been the first official public appearance of Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, among the most anticipated products by fans and enthusiasts of the Korean company and technology in general. The Fan Edition series of Samsung debuted first with Galaxy Note 7 after the unpleasant affair related to the unsafe batteries, but it is with the Galaxy S20 last year that has risen to prominence, driven by the excellent value for money. Samsung is ready to repeat with Galaxy S21 FE the success achieved, which in the initial plans should have arrived in the current period but has been delayed due to the global crisis of the chips.

The release of Galaxy S21 FE on Instagram

However Samsung Galaxy S21 FE would be in the home stretch, and would confirm the image posted by Samsung itself in its Instagram profile. A backpack reveals in fact a notebook Galaxy Book, a pair of wireless headphones Galaxy Buds Pro and a smartphone from the coloration tending to purple.

It is not so much the coloration of the rear surface to be curious, as the fact that the smartphone has the same arrangement of the group of cameras of the Samsung Galaxy S21, but unlike the latter has the surface of the "islet" that contains the coloration consistent with the rest of the surface, when on the Galaxy S21 on the market is gold.

It is therefore clear that the smartphone of the post on Instagram is identical to a Galaxy S21 but is not a Galaxy S21, so it could and should be Galaxy S21 FE. Confirming the thesis is the fact that Samsung, a few hours later, proceeded to remove the content from the social, clearly confirming that there was something wrong with that post.

Components sourced, launch imminent

Samsung's image comes a few hours after the Galaxy Unpacked event but also in the same period in which, it is said, initially in Seoul they were planning to present Galaxy S21 FE. The difficulty in sourcing the components needed to produce a technological object such as the smartphone has forced Samsung to revise its plans for the debut of the upcoming Fan Edition, which will therefore arrive later than originally planned.

It is said, however, that the company has at least partially resolved the shortage of components for Galaxy S21 FE, and that the next Galaxy will have a 6.4-inch AMOLED display at 120 Hz, Qualcomm's Snapdragon 888 chip or Samsung's Exynos 2100 and a 4.500 mAh.

The doubt about the launch date remains: the problems at the chain would suggest an arrival on the market not before October (exactly as it happened for S20 Fe last year, but when the pandemic was in full swing), but the photo with the backpack suggests instead a "back to school" with the S21 FE in the pocket. That is, to an arrival on the market by the first half of September.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: how much will it cost

Samsung has not yet made official the price of Galaxy S21 FE, but we already know that the acronym FE stands for low cost: FE models are the version dedicated to fans of Samsung smartphones, to those who "would like but can not". That's why the price will be lower than that of the base model of the S21 series, that is, it will cost less than 879 euros on the list (but at the moment the street price of the Galaxy S21 range is significantly lower).

The latest rumors assume a price of Galaxy S21 FE around 600 euros, at the current exchange rate from the Korean won.